Stellar Windows and Doors for Homeowners

If you’re presently doing research around aluminium windows, you will invariably come across Stellar. Stellar windows and doors for homeowners come with a new design, new features, high specifications, and even some peace of mind guarantees too.

What you may also see is a prominent marketing message by Epwin Group, the company behind Stellar, for manufacturers and installers of the product. In this article, we help you understand what many of these marketed trade features mean for you as a homeowner. We also give you information on why you might want to consider Stellar windows and doors for your home as part of your learning process when choosing new aluminium windows.

stellar windows and doors for homeowners

Who are Epwin Group

The Epwin Group is a long-established supplier of PVCu windows and doors with vast numbers of their many brands of windows, doors, sliding doors and building products supplied in homes all over the UK. The design of Stellar began in 2018 and came to market in 2019. In this short time, Epwin Group/Stellar Aluminium Systems has already won two glass and glazing industry awards.

There haven’t been substantial innovations in aluminium windows over the last two decades. The main changes we’ve seen centre around improvements in thermal performance as a result of changes to the Building Regulations. Other companies have innovated with colour such as Liniar with their Alumina bifolding door, offering a foiled finish where most aluminium products remain powder coated. Then there have been improvements to cater to changing trends such as the sought-after steel-look and steel-replacement windows.

Where Stellar windows are different is their design, how they’re put together and for you, how they look. And for those consumers wanting even more reassurance, Stellar is the multi-award winning system. It’s won several awards for New Product of the Year.

epwin window systems nfa winners

Stellar windows and doors come through a network of quality manufacturers. These make the windows and either install directly or through the many professional installers selling aluminium.

Design Features of Stellar Aluminium

When choosing windows and doors for the home, a proper specification is important. However, functionality, living with the product and how it looks are often top of the list. We list the key features of Stellar and the benefits for you in your home.

Stellar Aluminium Windows and Doors are new.

This is a brand new window system. As a result, these windows have the latest technology, innovation and conform to the latest product and industry standards. New also means a look unlike other aluminium windows from brands you may already be familiar with such as Smart Systems Alither, Aluk windows, Origin windows and even the aluminium window offerings from nationals like Everest and Anglian.

Of course, appearance is subjective, but we’d suggest looking at this product too if you’re considering any other aluminium brand. You’ll also get something exclusive and unlike all the other windows you’ll see in showrooms.

The flush casement design.

flush casement stellar

If you’re familiar with windows, you’ll know on most PVCu and aluminium windows, the opening element overlaps its frame. On most aluminium windows, the look is generally neat.

On PVCu windows the thicker profile tends to be more prominent. In recent years many PVCu windows now come with the opening element sitting flush in the frame. The result is a neater looking window and with more consistent sightlines.

Aluminium windows with a flush design are fairly new to the market. Stellar windows, as well as doors, also come with the flush casement design. While this is not new, it is different to other aluminium flush windows.

For instance, the Origin OW-80 windows are thicker by some margin. The Smart Systems product doesn’t have a matching door product. Another feature that also means cost savings is that Stellar windows don’t rely on the additional components and profiles of other flush casement windows to achieve a similar look.

For you, this means a slimmer window, bigger glass more light and better views. It’s well designed enough not to rely on the foams and additional insulation other brands need to get to very good window energy ratings too.

Easy to clean windows

cleaning aluminium frame

Cleaning of the windows and doors is also carefully thought out and we don’t mean the glass. Study most conventional aluminium windows and you’ll see a lot of grooves, channels and recesses when you open the casement. These need care when cleaning. Stellar profiles come designed with a more straightforward design to the aluminium profiles with no loss of performance or specification.

For you, this means neater looking windows at the less visible inside surfaces and they’re much easier to clean too.

Pre-inserted gaskets.

stellar white window 1

Now you may not give some thought to the rubbers and gaskets in your new windows but they play an essential part in the sealing and security. With Stellar, they also give you better-made and better-looking windows.

Check out other aluminium windows and the gaskets get applied when the windows come to your home, before glazing. With Stellar, these get applied in a controlled factory environment. So what does this mean for you? Well not only are these essential gaskets easier for your installer to fit, but the design of them also makes the window look better from inside too.

More designs for your ideal window

stellar windows and doors for homeowners in grey

The designers of this new window also considered that not everyone likes the same thing. They also spotted that aluminium windows can look the same. There are options for using different window cills, even PVCu to match existing windows or for a contrasting look.

And of course, you get all the flexible options or big or small panes of glass, lots of colour choices, handle colours, glass options and a very personalised window in your home.

Even better are the matching doors. Again the designers considered where windows go and what you the homeowner might want. For instance, the doors and the windows use a common outer frame. This means in many kitchen and utility rooms where a window is often right next to the door, the frames will look the same.

The Yale Lifetime Security Warranty

Most people are familiar with the Yale name and what it stands for. Choose a Stellar product and you’ll also benefit from the Yale Lifetime Security Guarantee.

Yale is one of the most trusted names in security. Their hardware is a perfect fit with the Stellar system and comes complete with Yale’s very reassuring Lifetime Security Guarantee. Among the benefits include up to £1000 towards home insurance excess in the unlikely event someone breaks in through the product. There’s also up to £1000 helping towards any replacements or repairs on a Yale component failure. There’s also compensation benefits and help towards the invariable call-out fees.

Stellar Windows and Doors for Homeowners – a summary.

stellar sq

When it comes to buying aluminium windows, there is a lot of choices. Our independent website knows virtually every type of window on the market.

When we took a closer look at Stellar windows, we noticed many things about it where the designers have addressed manufacturing and installation issues evident with aluminium windows. They set out to create a window that’s faster to make, uses less material and is very easy to glaze. With more than thirty years in the glazing sector, we can tell you these are genuine advancements.

You may think how long a window takes to make or how easy your installer finds it to work with isn’t relevant to the windows you choose. However, these ‘hidden’ benefits actually transfer to you. You’ll get a better-made window and smoother faster installation. Even the way the glass goes in is different from other windows, reducing the risk of marking the paint finish.

So how quickly your installer works with your windows is important. A good example is getting the glazing element completed in your extension letting other trades get on with their work.

You’ll also find these windows look different from anything you’ve seen up to now. If you are in the market for new windows and doors, do take a look at these innovative and cleverly thought out windows alongside other brands.

Contact us for more information about Stellar and where to buy.