Stellar Aluminium Doors

grey stellar aluminium doors

Stellar aluminium doors comprise single and double doors designed for residential property, with a flush sash characteristic.  This door range is part of the overall Stellar Aluminium Systems range of windows, sliding and folding doors. 

Information about Stellar Aluminium Doors

The door profiles comprise polyamide thermally broken sections with a durable polyester powder coating. In line with modern door systems, Stellar doors come designed to meet relevant industry standards for profile conformity, powder coating quality, security, weather performance and energy efficiency.

Just like the range of Stellar aluminium windows, the doors come with a square appearance throughout. The door outer frame uses WQ02 section that is also the same as the medium frame option in the windows collection. As a result, windows and doors come with matching profiles.

The door sashes offer an open in or open out version, a 130mm midrail option and a low threshold. The system uses the same range of cills, frame extensions, glazing beads and other ancillary profiles.  Therefore, doors integrate well with the entire Stellar range, such as creating doors with sidelights or combination screens. For front or porch doors a letterplate option is available within the midrail.

Types of Stellar Doors

Available as open in or open out doors in a single or double door arrangement, Stellar doors come suitable for side or back doors, as part of a new front porch and even a front door when glazed with a decorative aluminium panel. When designed with a low threshold, the door is also suitable internally providing a stylish aluminium solution for separating two rooms or a conservatory. Within the door, profiles are secure multi-point locks, quality door handles and robust door hinges.

We understand when selecting a door with a low threshold, it’s important to correctly specify the opening direction of the door. The door comes with a threshold model to suit the opening direction.

Design options with Stellar Aluminium

The new Stellar flush casement door promises several features making this door adaptable in all manner of installations.

With a modern look and the benefit of flush door sashes, Stellar aluminium doors work well in all manner of residential property. And just like the window range, easy manufacturing and swift installation come as standard with the system. All doors come with high quality components, premium locks and fully adjustable hinges.

The pre-gasketed feature also comes to the doors making these swift to make and with less material waste on gasket material. The glazing beads also come with the same gasket design making these doors easy to glaze on site too. They also use the innovative clip-in arrangement, which is a great design feature of these doors for installers.

The low threshold, when chosen with these doors, also comes with a flipper seal inserted into channels at the top of the section. This helps the door achieve good sealing. The threshold has a clip in ramp profile on the one side and an adaptor profile clipping to the underside of the door bottom rail to connect with the back seal of the threshold.  Cleverly designed and unlike some other brands, Stellar aluminium doors make changing the threshold easy post-installation. There is no need to remove the door frame thanks to the way the threshold connects to the door frame with a purpose-designed bracket.

Finally, there is an option of a restrictor stay and hold open arm. This fits the top of the door leaf and the underside of the top frame. Opening the door keeps it held open and offers a small amount of protection from gusts of wind.

Front doors.

When designed as a front door, there are options for having a letterplate and glazing the door with a decorative panel, toughened obscure or clear glass as well as a glass and panel combination. The low threshold option with the door offers improved access for pushchairs, children’s bicycles or wheelchair users.

Side and back doors.

Double doors benefit from a floating mullion giving a good clear opening and arguably a better and more functional solution than a two-panel bifold. Double doors come with a floating T-mullion section also well sealed with bubble seals on the one side and flipper gaskets on the other. The entire system comes internally beaded for neater sightlines as well as security.

Full integration with the Stellar windows collection means combination screens having doors, fixed panels and even opening windows within are possible.

white single stellar aluminium door

Stellar Residential Doors Technical Information

In line with other modern door products, Stellar aluminium doors meet the required industry standards for weather sealing, door security and energy efficiency.

  • U Values down to 1.3W/m2K depending on the glass specification used in the doors.
  • Maximum door leaf sizes of up to 1000mm wide and 2400mm high.
  • Comes with an extended guarantee on the door hardware thanks to the top brand Yale locks.
  • Available double or triple glazed with glazing beads from 28mm up to 36mm thick units.
  • High security hook lock with shootbolts and secure door cylinder.
  • PAS 24 high security option.

PAS 24 certified doors benefit from enhanced glass and locking with additional packers placed when glazing the door behind the locking points of the door. Additionally, further glazing packers at the hinge points provide enhanced protection at these locations too.

Stellar Aluminium benefits for installers.

Anyone fitting these new aluminium doors benefits from several features designed to make installation and adjustment faster, easier and better. First of all, is the very advanced aluminium window bead.  This entirely new design makes glazing Stellar aluminium doors easier and faster than ever before.  The fact that sections also come pre-gasketed also saves installers significant time on site. Adjustable door hinges also make the product easy to work with.

The reality is that service calls do happen whether through damage or misuse. Stellar doors come designed so that the frame does not need removal should the threshold ever need replacement.

Above all, the product comes designed with the installer in mind. The benefits include internal glazing for simplicity, clean gasket lines and no additional wedge gasketing of the profile – another time-saving feature.

Reasons for Homeowners to consider Stellar Residential Doors.

When choosing windows and doors for the home, a good specification is important. However, functionality, living with the product and how it looks often come first. Flush aluminium doors are late to the market and now you can have the same elegant looks found in PVCu doors with the benefits of aluminium. This is a very attractive aluminium door with pleasing aesthetics and sightlines.

Cleaning of doors is also carefully thought out.  With this in mind, the design features profiles that are easy to clean.  It’s not just the low-maintenance nature of powder-coated aluminium. When you open a Stellar door, you’ll notice better looking internal frame surfaces that are much easier to clean than other products with many grooves and areas to trap dirt.

Again aesthetics play a huge part in the design of the door with a look that’s ideal for both contemporary extensions as well as sitting well with more traditionally styled houses. As a result, this door offers a sleek and unique style over other doors that will remain on-trend as tastes change.  Importantly, as these doors use a common frame with the window product, you get a more consistent look. This is especially noticeable at the back of many houses where a door is very close to a window.

Testing and other standards for Stellar Residential Doors

As a 21st-Century product, all Stellar aluminium doors come tested to many different standards.  These include:

BS EN 1991-1-4 and BS EN 14024. This standard covers the effect of wind on products such as doors and the load/stress they inflict on the aluminium profiles. BS EN 14024 covers testing of aluminium profiles with a thermal barrier such as the extrusions of Stellar doors.

BS6262. The well-known standard for suitable safety glazing and correct glazing method for doors and windows.

BS6496. Any quality aluminium product with a powder-coated finish comes to this standard. Specifically, BS6496 covers the specification for powder coatings when applied to architectural aluminium for external use. Moreover, most reputable painters of aluminium extrusions will also be members or other strict certification bodies, such as Qualicoat.

For weather and water resistance, the doors meet 1600Pa for wind load resistance, 600Pa for air permeability and 150Pa for water. What do these standards mean? First of all, they determine the tightness of a door.  When undergoing testing and to arrive at a calculation, the test model gets sprayed with a certain amount of water. This water comes through strategically placed nozzles. Water at varying pressure is applied, simulating conditions such as a hurricane.

In simple terms, the water continues to get sprayed onto the product at increasing at 50Pa to 150Pa pressures until water infiltrates the door. It is at this point that the pressure is recorded with the time that passed too.

More information about Stellar

Stellar aluminium doors come via a nationwide network of fabricators and installers. Contact us for more information on the system and where to buy.  We can also help homeowners interested in viewing the product.