Schüco Jansen Art 15

A steel system for internal use in the classic, industrial and Art Deco style, Schüco Jansen Art 15 creates internal doors and screening. Art 15 is a luxurious steel system with virtually unlimited design and personalisation options offers. Ultra slim in styling and authentic in appearance, Schüco Jansen Art 15 creates stylish, bespoke and high-end interiors, maximising the use of glass and high quality steel.

Schüco Jansen Art 15 – Overview

schüco jansen art 15 internal doors in a luxury showroom environment.

Already well-established with architects and designers of high-end homes, Schüco Jansen Art 15 creates bespoke internal doors in the contemporary, industrial and heritage style. The brand is widely regarded as one of the best internal doors to use within interior design. Jansen Art 15 is designed for use in private residences with a luxury feel. With extremely slim steel profiles starting at just 25mm with an equally thin 50mm frame depth, standard doors, bespoke designs or complex glazing arrangements are all possible. Virtually every product is hand-crafted and the welded construction goes beyond what is possible with aluminium steel-inspired products.

Steel as a material offers substantial environmental and sustainable benefits and remains the only glazing material with the longest possible service life. Strong and reliable, steel can also be endlessly recycled, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Schüco Jansen Art 15 – Features and Benefits

The ultra-slim design without thermal insulation and welded construction creates internal doors and screens that let maximum light flow between interior spaces, whilst providing a choice of steel styling and a range of door fittings giving the classic, contemporary or Art-Deco style.

Unique and one-of-a-kind doors

Schüco Jansen Art 15 doors and screens have no standard product design. Instead, the system benefits interior designers, architects and end-user clients in creating doors with few limitations on what can be created internally. With a choice of door sash profiles and layouts, the internal doors cater to both contemporary and period homes.

Door sizes of up to 1840mm wide comfortably exceed the door sizes possible in other materials, whilst heights of 2400mm high, meet most interior door heights. Larger sizes are also available.

Face, rebated or flush doors

Hinged doors come with three styling options. The face-applied style gives the appearance of overlapping door leaves. The rebated option creates a picture frame look, whilst the fully flush option creates a seamless appearance and looks flat on both sides. The benefit is giving the door the authentic style of classic steel glazing or creating more contemporary internal doors where the hardware is more prominent and becomes an architectural feature.

Excellent acoustics and door sealing

In addition to the bespoke styling options, Schüco Jansen Art 15 doors also offer solutions for acoustics and sealing. The internal benefit is that whilst ultra slim, these steel doors can be upgraded with acoustic glass, therefore ideal for home offices or other areas needing sound protection.

Where most other internal door systems don’t factor sealing into their design, Schüco Jansen Art 15 have the option of being completely sealed, improving rooms and interiors and meeting many different requirements.

Extensive colour options

With access to the entire spectrum of colours, Schüco Jansen Art 15 doors are available in virtually any shade with standard RAL coatings, textured surfaces, metallic and anodised finishes. These colours combine with a collection of architectural quality handles and fittings.

Schüco Jansen Art 15 – More information and where to buy

Schüco Jansen Art 15, is recognised for its luxury and bespoke nature for internal doors, distinguished by its flawless craftsmanship and design. Environmentally friendly and designed to be sustainable, Art 15 maximises light flow between interior spaces and is viable in virtually any design. The system caters to diverse aesthetic preferences with different door sash profiles and styles with optional acoustics and enhanced sealing, also meeting high-end functional needs.