Schuco Bi Folding Doors

The German engineering and design of Schuco bi folding doors place them as one of the best bifolding doors on the market.  Schuco products offer premium aluminium, durable components and high performance, and they also look different.  Architects and designers choose the many features and benefits they offer over other doors. As well as this, professional installers and home improvement companies consider Schuco as the go-to brand for sought-after folding sliding doors.

Information about Schuco bi folding doors.

schuco bifolding doors

Within the Schüco bi folding doors range are three insulated models for exterior use, designed for the replacement of dated patio door and for newly built openings. All offer ultra-slim sight lines with thermally insulated aluminium sections and providing excellent aesthetics, quality and ease of use. The option of a fixed or floating corner post further adds to the design options available and all Schüco bi folding doors provide several threshold options all with good levels of weather protection.

With their modern styling and reduced visible aluminium comes doors with some of the largest panel size capabilities. Schüco bifolds comfortably offer panels up to 1.5m wide with all models and heights of up to 3 metres or taller depending upon the overall door design and installation.

The outer frame of the Schuco door meets the internal plaster in such a way, creating a smooth sight line.  As well as this, the smaller frame dimension creates a more minimalist-looking door. Not only are the door profiles slim compared to other doors, but they also provide bigger glass panels.  As a result, end-users benefit from better views and improved thermal performance too.

Schüco bi folding doors also offer a unique gasket arrangement compared to other bifolding door products. When the door shuts, the gaskets work to keep the door tightly sealed against the weather. The gaskets also cleverly move away from the outer frame on opening the door. Four stainless steel wheels per leaf come engineered to open the doors smoothly.  Additionally, door hinges feature additional silicone sealant. As a result, no draughts penetrate the doors through the hardware.

Also available is a variable adjustment on the width (up to 10mm).  In other words, this adjustment allows the doors to fit precisely, making them more long-term reliable.  Installing the doors is also better as every structural opening is not 100% precise across its width and height. This adjustment, therefore, allows any irregular site condition to rectify quickly.

Schüco bi folding doors product range

Schüco AS FD 75

The latest slimline Schüco bi folding doors product, the AS FD 75, is one of the slimmest bifold doors on the market whilst also capable of some of the largest panel sizes. This particular folding sliding model also provides some of the thinnest mullion sightlines at just 90mm wide whilst offering doors up to 1.5m wide, creating the look of a sliding door, but with all the functionality of a bifold.

Designed to provide maximum views closed and connect rooms to the outside open, Schüco AS FD 75 bifolding doors come as open in or out designs, multiple configurations, a convenient traffic door for everyday access and fixed or open corner designs. The system takes bifold doors to the next level, with a substantial pared-down design compared to other brands on the market and superior technical capability, excellent security and impressive thermal performance.

Schüco AS FD 90.HI

Improving on the Schüco bi folding doors, range is the AS FD 90.HI model, designed with a deeper frame depth and the best possible thermal performance. The same impressive door size capability is available with this enhanced version creating door modules up to nine metres wide.

Schüco AS FD 90.HI provides the best possible specifications, with the same 90mm mullion sightline, 138mm frame to sash sightline, high security, up to 65mm triple glazing and U-Values down to an impressive 0.8Wm2K easily surpassing the requirements of current Building Regulations. Several threshold options provide the required accessibility, standard, low or flush with full weather protection.

Schüco ASS 70

The classic tried and tested Schüco folding sliding door, remains a modern solution with advanced design and still provides one of the best and smoothest folding sliding operation of any bifold. Pleasing 120mm sightlines, panel sizes up to 1.5m wide and 3.0m high with the heavy-duty model and also creating stylish single or double doors.

Schuco bi folding doors benefit from the very best in German engineering, top design features and offer many advantages over other bifolding door systems.  Design, manufacturing, functionality and excellent aesthetics go to make arguably one of the best sliding folding doors.

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As expected from any quality bifold, Schuco doors come with a huge choice of colours as well as certified security and weather performance.  These doors come via a network of professional manufacturers as well as local installers.

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