Schuco Windows Product Information

For homes or commercial buildings, Schuco windows provide a solution for design, performance, long service life and where specialist window functions are required. All Schuco windows are designed by the system company and expertly fabricated by a nationwide network of experienced aluminium companies.

Choosing Schuco windows for any building project provides a top-brand aluminium window, meets current Building Regulations and is tested to the latest security, insulation and weather performance requirements.

Types of Schuco Windows.

schuco windows in an architect designed house

The range of Schuco windows is substantial. The right choice of windows very much depends on the type of building, residential or commercial and the specifications the intended windows must meet.

Such are the excellent performance specifications of Schuco windows, there is even a window version providing top-end RC2 security as an open window – where most security tests are carried out on a closed and locked version.

The Schuco windows range therefore is chosen on design and the required performance and opening function, then having a choice of over thirty different window variants. The frame depth required also defines many of the Schuco aluminium windows with the varian name often denoting the profile depth.

Several different configurations and options offer a broad range of window solutions. These include.

  • Varying frame depths of 50mm, 65mm or 70mm, therefore, providing products for replacement or new build products.
  • A comprehensive range of Schuco Hardware creates manual, electronic or automated windows and opening systems.
  • Very narrow face widths to windows if required providing slimline windows and especially useful for contemporary homes.
  • Specific systems for residential or commercial applications. As a result, windows of different specifications work in any type of building.
  • High acoustic and insulated window products, help with special installations such as houses in noisy areas.
  • Windows with “concealed” vent options similarly provide a unique aesthetic in modern buildings.
  • Bevelled or rounded window systems provide products for homes such as older buildings.

70mm window system

The 70mm Schuco aluminium window offers excellent thermal insulation featuring additional internal insulation and foams. Besides great thermal performance is a more comfortable internal environment.

This window system also integrates with doors if required.  Moreover virtually any type of opening method is available. For instance, top hung, side hung, tilt and turn bottom hung or double vent arrangement. A comprehensive suite of profiles provides windows with a contoured or flat appearance.

 65mm Window System

The 65mm Schuco System offers slimmer windows that are available as highly insulated or standard windows with a wide range of profiles for modern window solutions.  These offer a frame depth of 65mm that are ideal for renovation or new build work.

schuco windows for curtain walling and facade glazing

Schuco already provides a range of curtain walling solutions and many of those require opening window ventilation. For curtain walling, Schuco windows are designed with specific frame types, designed to fit within the numerous curtain walling mullions and transoms.

Windows for climate, comfort and individual requirements

Schuco, as a systems company has a range of windows designed exclusively for numerous building functions.

The AWS 75 PD VV.SI is a side-hung opening window designed for architectural glazing and buildings comprising floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout. This window is available significantly taller than regular side hung opening windows and provides ventilation where required without having to open large sliding doors or use the climate control system where fitted.

Where a home or commercial building requires specific climate control, shading and ventilation, Schuco AWS 120 CC.SI windows are essentially a composite design comprising an integrated internal blind within a multiple glass unit. The purpose of this is not only to meet Passivhaus standards but also shading, sun protection and privacy. Unlike integral glass blinds widely used in doors and windows, AWS 120 CC.SI has a reduced visible blind when fully retracted and even comes designed with elements giving access to inspection and cleaning of the vents when required.

Providing ventilation with thermal insulation, Schuco has the AWS 90 VV.SI+ – a window system providing natural air flow. With no loss of thermal insulation, AWS 90 VV.SI+ suits modern apartments built with curtain walling or larger windows, allowing the window vents to stay open, where other window designs would require fully opening side or top hung windows.

With modern homes needing minimal sightlines, AWS 75 BS.SI+ is a hidden vent window system making windows look seamless and transparent without the visible overlapping opening vents of regular windows. Designed to open inwards as tilt and turn, bottom hung open inwards or side hung open in, AWS 75 BS.SI+ meets the requirements of minimal building designs whilst still providing an opening window option.

Schuco Window handles and hardware

Instead of generic window hardware, these windows use system-specific products. Specifically, the Schuco hardware comes designed for the product as well as universal across the entire product range.  Besides high quality, this hardware enables instant identification as a Schuco window.  Every hardware component suits both manual and electronic windows.  Importantly, it also matches well to matching sliding, folding or entrance doors.  As a result, end users benefit from matching colours and aesthetics throughout the home.

more information and where to buy schuco windows

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