Schüco AWS 70 SC Windows

Schuco AWS 70 SC windows have been created for the UK housing market and provide homeowners and the trade with high quality slimline aluminium windows from one of the best aluminium system companies. At the same time, they provide access to the Schuco brand name, engineering and product quality—German-designed and highly-engineered aluminium windows designed for window replacements, new builds and property extensions.

Schuco AWS 70SC windows – Overview

schuco aws 70 sc aluminium windows bedroom setting concrete walls

The Schuco AWS 70 SC outward opening window is a thermally insulated system aimed specifically at the quality-conscious homeowner looking for a better brand of new windows for their property project. At the same time, window installers and home improvement businesses have access to a more premium, unique, and desirable aluminium brand, at a price point nearer more mainstream systems.

The outward opening nature of Schuco AWS 70 SC creates window designs typical of many UK homes or on-off designs for contemporary new homes and extensions. Aluminium profiles have the same outstanding Schuco profile quality, modern insulation, durable powder coated finishes and top-end hardware and window components.

Schüco AWS 70 SC Windows – Features and Benefits

The 70mm frame makes Schuco AWS 70 SC ideal for replacing old windows, whether timber, PVCu or old aluminium. New build projects benefit from slim-framed windows with excellent overall styling and exemplary build quality, fit and finish. The frame profiles are also designed to provide a better glass-to-frame ratio allowing for more glass and increased light in the home. Completely flexible in window styles and designs, Schuco AWS 70 SC comes as standard-size fixed windows or those with inside top or side-hung opening modules. You can also design the windows as bays, shaped windows with gable or sloping heads and integrate the windows within entrance screens requiring window ventilation.

And because Schuco as a system is extensively specified by discerning architects, designers and end-users, Schuco AWS 70 SC provides the desired flexibility in achieving the window design and look required. Exclusive, desirable and providing elegant window solutions, Schuco windows are the choice of professional home improvement firms.

A comprehensive choice of window designs

Flexible sizes and configurations are all catered for within Schuco AWS 70 SC, with windows having several frame, vent and bead combinations and providing various styling options. Using the available profiles creates contemporary or more classic looks with chamfered, rounded or flat window profiles. The window opening vents come in different looks and depths, allowing for slimline, bold and minimalist windows. Window vents come in 51mm, 56mm, 70mm and 74mm heavy-duty profiles offering slimline or bolder-looking aluminium windows.

Windows come up to 1200mm high as side or top hung vents. There’s also a heavier-duty option for commercial or more expansive window sizes. A version also creates steel-look windows, combining the 51mm vent section and the slim outer frame.

Four opening window options

In addition to the outward-opening casement mode, Schüco AWS 70 SC windows extend the offering to include inward-opening configurations. The benefit is a range of windows for any building style or functional requirement. The tilt-and-turn design facilitates a two-way opening mechanism, enabling the window to tilt inward for ventilation or turn inwards, allowing cleaning of the outside pane from inside the room. The bottom-hung design is ideal for space-constrained outside and inside spaces, tilting inwards only. Pivot windows come in vertical and horizontal configurations and are ideal for high-level windows, reversing inwards for cleaning.

Superior Insulation for New Builds and Renovations

Accommodating double-glazed or triple-glazed units, Schüco windows boast impressive U-Values that exceed current Building Regulations, enhancing home comfort, reducing energy bills, and controlling heat loss. The innovative insulation incorporated within the aluminium profiles ensures that Schüco AWS 70 SC windows are preferred for new homes prioritising energy conservation.

Premium Window Security

Schüco windows, equipped with the proper hardware, satisfy the RC3 security standard, offering superior burglar resistance for residential and commercial properties. The system undergoes rigorous testing against the latest security protocols and requirements. Additionally, the standard offering includes security glazing with the glass secured from the inside. Windows also meet the requirements of Secured By Design.

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Schüco windows provide a range of attractive features, including slender frames, customisable exterior and interior designs, and expansive window sizes. They also offer robust security, weather resistance, and high energy efficiency. With the flexibility to cater to modern or traditional aesthetics, these windows come with slimline frames that homeowners and architects can easily incorporate within homes and commercial buildings of any type.