Features of Origin Bi-fold Doors

Origin bi-fold doors are one of the leading bifold door products in the UK today, and folding sliding doors with superb quality, fit and finish and an excellent brand reputation. Many reasons for the popularity and appeal of Origin bi-fold doors are their styling, customisation options, wide nationwide availability, features and accessibility nationwide.

Industry Leading 20 year Guarantee

Origin bi-fold Easifold doors are the only door system available with a comprehensive  20-year guarantee when purchased via the supply and installation route and approved Origin dealers.

Origin Doors are Guaranteed for 20 years.  Each door is manufactured with its own unique serial number.  Origin Bifolding Doors must be installed by an approved installer or in accordance with their installation instructions for the guarantee to be valid, however no other manufacturer of bi-fold doors guarantees their products for this length of time.

A low maintenance, slim, strong and aesthetically pleasing product.

Bifolding doors are an engineered complex product unlike windows and swing doors which have relatively easy hardware and components.  Aluminium is the preferred material for bifolding doors.

Origin Easifold doors are finished with the highest grade, longest lasting powder coating available, removing the need for periodic painting and maintenance. This hard wearing finish protects against scratches and colour fading, whilst maintaining the doors’ original good looks.   The concealed running system is protected from the elements, ensuring the smooth gliding action of your doors for a lifetime.

An ultra high security product

With so much glass and aluminium present in a bifolding door and by nature that most are installed in the rear of the property, high security in a bifolding door is very important. The doors are tested to the latest security requirements, giving extra peace of mind as to their quality.

There are bespoke designed 20mm bolts, chamfered by design that offer smooth yet reliable operation. They also work to ensure that the lock is suitably engaged not just to make the doors secure but also to ensure they close tightly for maximum weather resistance.

Multi point hook locks are also standard. The hook bolts on Origin bi folding doors benefit from the deepest book bolt available on the market at 25mm which is deep by other locks and door standards.

Origin bi-fold doors also rely on trusted brands.  Yale security cylinders are used that prevent snapping, picking or drilling. Finally, there are vertical rods that engage top and bottom of the door to provide an even higher level of security in the form of a complete 8 point locking system.

The hinges of a door are often overlooked as a security weak point. Not so on an Origin Easifold door, which is designed to withstand attack and offer little opportunity for even the most determined intruder. The strength and integrity of the door profile itself is also a crucial consideration, so we have worked hard to strike the right balance between size, strength, and aesthetics to produce door designs that look beautiful yet perform flawlessly to the highest security standards.

Anti Finger Trap as standard

Origin Easifold Doors come as standard with “finger safe” gasket between each door leaf.

Cleverly the lead door is prevented from slamming or being caught by gusts of wind by a strong magnetic stay which holds the door in place.

The low and flush threshold radically reduce the likelihood of trips and falls, whilst the concealed free glide running gear prevents little fingers from getting trapped.

All in all, a unique combination of safety features.

Low U Values

Origin Bifolding Doors have been tested to a certified U Value that meets current Building Regulations but it does depend on the glass specification chosen. Contact us for more information and advice.

Origin Bifolding doors utilise the very latest in polyamide thermal break technology, ultra high specification door seals and gaskets and an excellent locking system that further aids compression of the door to improve weather resistance.

Origin Doors meet the following criteria for air and weather performance:

Air Permeability 600pa
Watertightness 150pa
Wind Resistance 1200pa
in accordance with BS6375 Part1 2004

Smooth Glide and Operation

All Origin bi folding doors feature a unique roller mechanism guaranteed to provide smooth operation and long life.

It is well accepted that doors hung on the bottom (with the bottom taking all the weight) are superior to those doors that are hung from the top with the doors effectively “hanging”. On Origin aluminium bifolding doors, each door section comprises a unique Free Glide Roller system. This comprises a long wheelbase four roller carriage that operates inside the bottom track.

Here the highest quality nylon is used for the rollers – a hard nylon that is resistant to heat and friction and that is encased within a strong aluminium enclosure. All of this ensures that the doors perform smoothly and glide open with the minimum of effort.

Above all, Origin bifolding doors remain a service led company with very high standards of product and customer care.  This focus on the optimum high level service, enhanced by quality products backed by impressive lead times, technical support and quality continue to position Origin Bifolding Doors as the leading brand in the UK.