How Kawneer windows achieve outstanding thermal performance

Kawneer aluminium windows such as the AA®720 suite has been created as a future-proof aluminium window. It not only meets the current Building Regulations but also exceeds them. It is expected that changes to thermal performance in windows will be amended in 2019. The Kawneer window is already offering U Values against these expected changes.

Kawneer windows. Future-proof aluminium windows.

kawneer windows in a house.
Kawneer windows offer varying levels of thermal performance to meet differing the cost, design and U Value requirements.
Four levels of thermal performance come with Kawneer aluminium windows. The AA®720 window offers a flexible window regarding cost, performance and design. One of these features centres around the thermal performance capabilities. Kawneer offers Reflex Technology in their aluminium windows.

What is Kawneer’s Reflex Technology?

Reflex Technology came about in response to the anticipated changes due to Part L of the current Building Regulations and the ongoing market demand for better windows with better performance. Kawneer developed their unique system of achieving improved thermal performance to their windows. This mainly centres around making a series of improvements to the thermal break found in the profile. It achieves a reduction in heat transfer and through the profile and makes for a highly thermally efficient aluminium window. The highest level of performance is achieved by providing a low emissivity reflective foil to the thermal ‘flags’ within the window. This enables U Values down to 1.0 W/m2K* depending on the type of window; its size and the glass/spacer bar combination used. Four levels of thermal performance are possible based on whether each window variant is double or triple glazed. Double glazed units having a 1.1Wm2K U Value in with warm edge Swisspacer V-Bar or triple glazed units having a 0.6Wm2K U Value with warm edge Swisspacer V Bar will achieve the following CEN Sized U-Values:

The AA®720 HW.

The AA®720 HW provides the most cost effective option in the four performance levels. It features the Kawneer ‘Reflex Technology’ within the sash profiles. Also, windows have a closed cell PE glazing rebate foam and closed cell frame perimeter foam insulation tape. In the AA®720 HW Suite, Double Glazed windows provide a 1.4Wm2 U-Value. Triple Glazed windows achieve a 1.0Wm2K U-Value.

The AA®720 HI.

In the Kawneer AA®720 HI improved performance is offered while still retaining the cost-effective elements of the window. Thermal performance is enhanced thanks to the same Reflex Technology within the vent profile, This then offers a closed cell PE vector fin glazing rebate foam, closed cell vent perimeter foam and closed cell frame perimeter foam insulation tape. In the Kawneer AA®720 HI version, double glazed windows provide a U Value of 1.4Wm2 and triple glazed windows a U Value of 1.0Wm2K.
kawneer thermal window drawing.
The engineering behind Kawneer windows enables four different thermal performance options.

The AA®720 HI Reflex.

With the Kawneer AA®720 HI Reflex, greater thermal performance can be achieved. The same technology as the HI is used with the Reflex Technology in the vent sections of the window. Added to this is closed cell PE vector fin glazing rebate foam, closed cell vent perimeter foam, closed cell frame perimeter foam insulation tape. In this window variant, double glazed U-Values are 1.3Wm2K for a double glazed window and 1.0Wm2K for a triple glazed window.
section through kawneer window
Reflex technology means Kawneer windows can provide U Values to meet future changes to Part L.

The AA®720 HI ReflexPlus.

Where the best thermal performance is required, the Kawneer AA®720 HI ReflexPlus system provides the optimum solution. Reflex Technology as used in the other variants remains the same but is further enhanced with a low ‘e’ heat shield centre seal. Double Glazed windows provide a U Value of 1.3Wm2. Triple Glazed 0.9Wm2K
kawneer windows thermal u values
The Reflex Plus variant features a Low-E Reflective Heat Shield.
The advanced engineering, technical know-how and design of Kawneer windows mean they provide complete solutions for any residential or commercial building looking for energy-efficient windows.   *based upon a 1230x1480mm tilt turn window.