Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window

The Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window provides a solution for windows that are required to replace old metal windows. It is also ideal where a more traditional looking window in modern, thermally efficient aluminium may be necessary.

The design of the Kawneer GT70 window is a flexible one. It is intended to replicate the original appearance of old metal windows and provide an option for new build projects or building refurbishments.

Kawneer GT70 windows. Traditional appearance with modern technology.

kawneer powder coated aluminium window
Kawneer GT70 Steel Replacement from Kawneer make for great residential windows.

The Kawneer GT70 steel replacement window system offers all the advantages of modern replacement windows in a choice of window designs and opening options. At the same time, they provide an option of sight lines to replicate the characteristics of a period window.

  • A credible aluminium window with the features of old metal windows.
  • Can be defined as individual windows, composite frames or runs of windows.
  • Features fine detailing found in traditional steel windows
  • Can open inwards or outwards
  • Can be internally or externally beaded
  • A full suite of mullions and ancillary sections are available.
  • Features bevelled beads
  • Features a concealed drainage system

Also available with the Kawneer GT70 windows are a suite of optional feature caps that provide an individually sculptured effect externally.

Opening options on Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Windows.

A wide variety of opening options is available with the Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window that set it apart from other ‘steel replacement’ window systems. One of its advantages is that it can accommodate a wider variety of opening options.

Top or side hung casement windows are available. Additional options include inward opening windows such as Tilt Turn; side hung and bottom hung Tilt Turn options as well.

Inward opening windows feature internal glazing beads while outward opening windows are externally glazed. There is no compromise on security with either internal or external glazing options.

Furthermore, Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Windows when externally beaded will accept glass units up to 33mm thick or 54mm for internally glazed.

All window types can be designed either as individual windows such as fixed lights, opening vents or combinations of vents with fixed lights or window units with multiple opening vents.

Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window typical dimensions.

this property has slim aluminium crittall replacement windows installed.
Traditional properties as well as commercial buildings can benefit from the slim lines of the Kawneer GT70 window.

These slimline windows offer a wide choice of aesthetics and varying profile dimensions. Typically, outer frames are 70mm front to back making them suitable for most building requirements whether old or new.

Typically window sight lines at the jamb and when used with an opening vent are only 68mm from the outside of the frame to the glass line. Internally glazed windows are 2mm thicker at 70mm.

This makes the Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window a very slimline window. Dimensions remain the same whether an odd or equal leg outer frame is used. Fixed light windows benefit from only a 38mm sight line. A typical mullion/transom sight line is only 76mm.

Other window dimension will vary depending on the style and design required.

Performance of the Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window.

The window is independently weather tested to BS 5368:1993

For an inward opening window, often regarded as less weather resistant than an outward opening, the performance criteria is impressive.

Air infiltration and water tightness are at 600 Pa, with Wind Resistance at 1200 Pa

A flexible window for a choice of installations and applications.

if your budget can stretch to the extra cost, you can have new windows in steel too.
Steel replacment window used commercially in a school.

Kawneer GT70 windows are suitable for existing prepared or punched openings. As well as composite and ribbon windows, the suite can integrate with curtain walling if required. There is a choice of vent profiles, restricted opening options, easy-clean options from inside the building as well as trickle ventilation provision if necessary.

Fixing can be carried out either with a direct fix through the frame or the use of proprietary fixing lugs.

This advanced steel replacement window offers an elegant solution to any old or new building where a traditional look window is required. Kawneer GT70 windows offer the latest technical specifications, flexible profile choices and all the advantages of insulated, high strength aluminium.

If you would like further information on the Kawneer GT70 slimline renovation window, please contact us.