Kawneer AA720 aluminium windows

The suite of Kawneer AA720 aluminium windows has been expertly developed by Kawneer to provide a complete aluminium window solution. The design, performance and quality behind Kawneer aluminium windows means they can be installed anywhere where a secure, modern and highly thermally efficient window is required.
kawneer windows in new apartments kingston
Kawneer windows are future-proof windows offering high security, excellent U Values and wide colour choices.
The commercial and housing sectors widely adopt Kawneer aluminium windows and especially in the development of new build flats and apartments. They offer a high specification, varied levels of thermal performance, flexible design options and huge colour choice. The range of Kawneer aluminium windows includes:
  • Casement windows.
  • Tilt and turn windows.
  • Bottom-hung inward opening windows.
  • Vertical and horizontal pivot windows.
  • Parallel opening windows.
The Kawneer AA®720 aluminium window suite is now the flagship aluminium window range. It is designed to cater for the simplest to the most challenging window requirement. These Kawneer windows also integrate perfectly with the Kawneer suite of sliding and folding doors to provide a complete solution especially for residential projects, as well as commercial.

Kawneer windows cater for most aluminium window requirements.

picture of aluminium windows in new build home.
A complete dwelling fitted with Kawneer windows, bifolding and sliding doors.
Utilising 72mm front to back profiles, Kawneer windows are suitable for either new build or replacement window applications. Aluminium profiles are highly thermally insulated using the latest polyamide materials. Also, there are additional insulation, isolation and window seals to enhance the performance of the window. Where more complex designs are required, Kawneer windows integrate fully with other products in the range such as doors, screening, curtain walling or other window systems. Kawneer windows work in low and high rise applications, for the domestic and commercial sectors as well as refurbishment or new build contracts.

Kawneer AA®720 window variations and options.

kawneer powder coated aluminium window
Windows such as the excellent GT70 Steel Replacement from Kawneer make for great residential windows.
Kawneer aluminium windows often regarded as purely commercial windows, do, in fact, offer a choice of frame profiles to meet most design requirements and aesthetics. Ideal for individual windows or as part of a more complex design or window arrangement, they come with a choice of frame profiles giving varying aesthetics. These frame and vent options make Kawneer aluminium windows suitable for most residential or commercial buildings. Examples include: A Softline/Design variant offers a window aesthetic with a rounded contour appearance. A Renovation “TIP” option is available to provide a solution where old steel windows require replacement. A Renovation variant is used where more angular contours are needed. A Concealed Vent option exists enabling sash profiles to be invisible when viewed from the outside. A Curtain Wall Look-a-like window offers a uniform appearance where it is being used with or alongside curtain walling in a building.

Kawneer windows offer diverse glazing options.

Double or triple glazed windows are available. Glazing thickness up to 56mm is possible within the frame and vent profiles. This varied glazing range offers solutions for thermal and acoustic performance. It also enables windows to be glazed with panels, special glazing, cedar panels, integral blinds and other options to create a custom-designed window.

Contemporary aluminium windows.

portobello square london with new windows.
Contemporary homes and modern extensions can benefit from the design, quality and engineering behind Kawneer Aluminium Windows.
Kawneer windows come from one of the world’s best-known designers and providers of architectural aluminium windows and doors. Kawneer offers a completely integrated solution in designing, extruding and powder coating from a single location. Kawneer windows while widely specified in the commercial sector are also used alongside their suite of doors in a significant number of residential and housing projects. A large number of new build homes, apartments, redevelopments of warehouses into dwellings and other very much ‘domestic’ window projects benefit from Kawneer windows, sliding doors, entrance doors and bifolding doors. A large number of new build homes, apartments, redevelopments of warehouses into dwellings and other very much ‘domestic’ window projects benefit from Kawneer windows, sliding doors, entrance doors and bifolding doors. Kawneer windows such as the AA®720 suite offers excellent design and engineering, is simple to make, easy to install and provides a more individual fenestration solution for the end user. If you would like more information about offering a sophisticated suite of architectural aluminium, contact us.