Kawneer AA3572 Lift and Slide Doors

The Kawneer AA3572 Lift Slide Door is a contemporary aluminium sliding door. It is designed to offer smooth operation, large span doors where required and where space saving doors are needed in preference to a French door or a bifolding door.

A superior lift and slide door by one of the best-known names in aluminium.

kawneer sliding patio doors in residential property
Kawneer Lift and slide patio doors are highly engineered products with great design and performance from on of the world’s leading aluminium systems providers.

Designed to offer a residential or commercial solution, Kawneer AA®3572 Lift/Slide Doors are possible at a wide variety of sizes including large span doors.

Panel sizes of up to 3 metres wide and 3 metres high can be made meeting the needs of homeowners and projects demanding large glass panels, maximum light and uninterrupted views.

The lift and slide mechanism found in Kawneer sliding doors is one of the most sophisticated available. It works to lock the door firmly into position when closed ensuring its high security and severe weather performance.

When the door is opened, even the heaviest panels are easily lifted back away from the frame ready to slide with minimal effort.

Security and Weather performance.

The AA3572 Lift Slide door from Kawneer is security tested to WK2 standards. Security Classification (ENV 1627): WK2.

A WK2 or RC2 standard is the typical attack test for most rear doors such as patio doors and access doors. The WK2 test demonstrates that the door has been tested against burglary, using physical force and tools such as screwdrivers, wedges or pliers.

Thermal performance is impressive for a modern aluminium sliding door. As a double glazed product, a U Value of 1.4Wm2K is achievable and a low U-Value of 0.83Wm2K are possible when triple glazed and with a Swissspacer V spacer bar. The Kawneer sliding door the double glazed will exceed the 2016 Part L Building Regulations. U Values will vary depending on the size of the door and overall configuration.

Other performance standards.

  • Weather Performance
  • Air Infiltration (DIN EN 12207): Class 4
  • Watertightness (DIN EN 12208): Class 9A
  • Wind Resistance (DIN EN 12210): Class C3

Kawneer Integrated Solutions for architectural aluminium.

lift and slide contemporary kawneer doors.
Lift and Slide contemporary Kawneer doors are suitable for residential and commercial installations.

Kawneer, an Alcoa Company, offer a fully integrated solution in the supply of architectural aluminium systems for residential and commercial projects. The company designs, extrudes, powder coats and supplies a complete range of products as well as offering a full technical support service.

If you would like to find out the advantages of Kawneer sliding doors as a manufacturer or installer, please contact us.