Features and Specification of Kawneer AA720 aluminium windows

The Kawneer AA®720 range of aluminium windows is a modern aluminium window system. It is designed to meet the needs of any project requiring sophisticated, cutting-edge and premium quality aluminium windows.
kawneer full height insulated windows.
Kawneer AA720 windows offer an integrated selection of window systems for any residential or commercial application.
The Kawneer name is renowned the world over with providing some of the most technically superior aluminium glazing systems. Kawneer products are widely specified by leading architects, building contractors and designers to provide secure, attractive and robust windows and doors. They are also chosen because they can meet any building need. From the simplest window replacement to the most intricate design and specification, Kawneer windows provide a solution.

Features and Specifications of Kawneer aluminium windows.

The technical specifications found in Kawneer windows not only meet current performance requirements, but they also exceed them. Kawneer windows feature premium quality aluminium extrusions incorporating an advanced thermal break. The thermal break provides optimum insulation and enables dual colour availability when required. Also, Kawneer AA®720 aluminium windows feature patented sealing, upgrades to insulation and a choice of thermal options.

How Kawneer windows are made.

Windows are mechanically jointed with a choice of crimped or pinned methods. Corner braces can also be used. Windows use a variety of weathering methods such as EPDM gaskets of single and dual durometer type. Windows also feature pressure equalisation. A choice of framing, sash and bead profiles is available.

Kawneer Window applications.

Kawneer windows can be fitted into refurbishment, new build and heavy commercial project applications. The entire window range offers solutions for all types of window specifications and configurations, design requirements and integration with other Kawneer systems. Examples include:
  • Windows conform to the BRE Green Guide Rating
  • Installation into prepared built or punched openings.
  • The creation of ribbon windows, composite windows or combination windows.
  • Double or triple glazing.
  • Restricted window openings, trickle ventilation or smoke ventilation where required.
  • A choice of frame, vent and muntin bar profiles

Kawneer window types and accessories.

Performance requirements meet or exceed current standards for security. Window have been tested to Secured By Design and PAS 24:2012 when fitted with security hardware. Windows are compliant under Document F of the Building Regulations for Ventilation and Document L for thermal performance, Conservation of Fuel and Power.

Kawneer window opening options and accessories.

Top hung or side hung casement windows are available. Tilt and turn, pivot, parallel opening windows and bottom hung opening inwards windows are also possible. Casement windows can be fitted with Locking handles, espagnolette hardware, restricted opening hardware, folding openers as well as releasable or fixed window restrictors. Friction stays or butt hinges can be used as required. The Kawneer system has built into its design a standard hardware groove. This provides fabricators with the facility to use alternative or more cost-effective hardware with no compromise on window security or weather performance.

Kawneer AA®720 weather performance and design.

All Kawneer windows meet the latest standards for weather performance and comply with BS 6375 Pt2: 2015, Operation and Strength Test. Air Infiltration to BS EN 12207: 2000, Class 3-4 (600 Pa) Watertightness BS EN 12208: 2000, Class 9A (600 Pa) Wind Resistance to BS EN 12210: 2000, Class E2400 (2400 Pa)

Kawneer AA®720 satisfies requirements for large, robust and heavy windows.

kawneer windows in new build houses
Slimline large contemporary aluminium Kawneer windows.
Modern home extensions and commercial buildings often call for top or side hung windows that are bigger and heavier than typical windows. For these applications, Kawneer AA®720 windows have the superior capability when it comes to heavy and large windows. Weights of up to 130kg mean large opening windows can be created. These can also meet the needs of special glass such as security glazing or acoustic glass that is often heavier than typical insulating glass units. These large windows can be created without the need for additional methods of fabrication or reinforcement to the profiles. Subject to hardware and design requirements, the following maximum size windows are possible with the Kawneer AA720 suite: Top hung windows with friction stays, 2300mm wide and 2500mm high. Side hung windows with friction stays, 845mm wide and 1900mm high. Top hung windows with butt hinges, 1800mm wide and 1600mm high. Side hung windows with butt hinges, 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

Kawneer windows provide virtually unlimited design choices.

Where other systems are often restricted in how they can be made, Kawneer windows offer almost limitless choice. They also meet the needs for projects requiring windows with frame and vent dimensions at varying sizes. In design, Kawneer windows can be joined, coupled and created in many different forms including;
  • Casement windows with or without fixed lights.
  • Bay windows of varying angles.
  • Horizontally or vertically coupled windows.
  • Internally or externally glazed or combination glazing.
  • Casement, fixed as well as bottom hung windows within one module
  • Reverse glazing adaptors
  • Flexible locations for trickle ventilation.
In short, any window design, combination, a mixture of window opening types, glazing methods and much more can be achieved if required.

Kawneer windows glazing options.

Windows can be triple or double glazed to meet the security, thermal or specialist requirements. Glass or panels up to 56mm thick will fit within the window system. This provides the facility for special glass, coloured panels, integral glass blinds, acoustic glazing, switchable glass and much more besides. A choice of internal or external glazing is available.

Kawneer offer a fully integrated solution for architectural aluminium.

contemporary kawneer aluminium tilt and turn windows.
Contemporary Kawneer aluminium tilt and turn windows.
Kawneer systems provide a fully integrated service as designers, extruders, finishers and suppliers of architectural aluminium systems from one location. In particular, their in-house powder coating service provides consistent quality and service. For powder coating of aluminium extrusions, Kawneer Permacover™ offers premium quality polyester powder finishings in a huge range of solid, matt, gloss, satin and metallic colours. Kawneer Permacover™ also offers industry leading warranties on powder coating meaning all types of projects, wherever they are located, can benefit from a durable powder coat finish. Matt finishes come with a 30-year guarantee; gloss finishes with a 15-year warranty and metallic finishes on application. Kawneer Permanodic® is the anodised aluminium offering by Kawneer providing a range of highly durable anodised aluminium finishes with up to 25 years guarantee. If you would like further information on the Kawneer window suite, please contact us.