Aluminium front door designs by Glasswin

The Glasswin range of aluminium front door designs provides solutions for both modern and traditional entrance doors. Additionally, the Glasswin front door comes in six different collections. Every one of these provides differing looks to the front door and key design features.

aluminium front door designs

Styles and Designs available with Glasswin aluminium front doors

The design of Glasswin front doors centres around providing a comprehensive choice of frame depths, brand of profile and hardware. Another feature of Glasswin aluminium front door designs is the overall look of the door set.

Firstly are options for a more conventional look with a visible rebate found on most aluminium, PVCu or timber doors. Then there’s a highly attractive flush appearance. The flush look gives the front door an altogether better all-in-one look of a seamless panel.

Whatever the design, every door series comes with a high quality made in Germany construction. As well as this, there are excellent specification and security credentials. What they also come with is looks, designs and feature-sets appealing to most property styles, personal tastes and price points.

Hybrid Al-Upvc Series

An innovative and better alternative to composite front doors comes in the form of the Hybrid Al-Upvc Series from Glasswin.

The entire door set is PVCu, with aluminium outside and PVCu inside. Externally is an ingenious one-piece aluminium trim cloaking the PVCu extrusion. As a result the look, touch and colour options are exactly the same as a full aluminium door.

Another area where this product offers a better solution than classically constructed composite doors is the hidden sash design. Not only does this look better, but it makes the door look more premium too.

Standard Series

For classically styled aluminium front door designs, the Standard Series offers attractive and quality made-doors. These come with insulated aluminium profiles with highly thermally efficient door panels.

Additionally these doors come with a thermally broken threshold and a 59mm frame profile depth. As a result, these doors are ideal for replacement door projects.

Their overarching feature over other mid-range doors such as Origin, Smart Systems, Spitfire S 200 series is the textured powder-coated finish. On most other door brands, this tactile, more durable and more attractive finish is a costly optional extra, if available at all.

Silver Series

Using contemporary profiles, Silver Series doors offer the high-end appearing thanks to a near-flush, minimal look design to the door viewed from the outside. Internally is a modern flat profile face, also with a minimalist look.

The lack of a visible glazing bead with the 55mm panel, further adds to the contemporary styling. Again this product offers more features than similar brands. Safety triple glazing comes as standard, a more durable colour surface and architectural grade door handles.

Enhanced security options are available as well as a substantial choice of styles and colours.

Gold Series Reynaers front doors

With 0.86Wm2K U-Values and quadruple safety glass as standard, Gold series uses high-end profiles from award-winning Reynaers CS 77 series.

The highly insulated Reynaers profiles deliver enhanced performance, quality and thermal insulation. Reynaers are also one of the best aluminium systems.

These aluminium front door designs come with enhanced security locking, architectural hardware, and full circumference seals to the door set. The overall appearance is flush, minimal and benefitting from the hidden sash design. You can even get fully concealed hinges offering even better aesthetics with clean lines.

Platinum Series Schuco front doors

Even more design features and specifications come with the Platinum Schuco Series of front doors.

First of all the aluminium profiles come in the world-renowned Schuco aluminium profiles. Quadruple safety glass, contemporary lines and 0.83Wm2K U-Values.

This series comes with nearly 60 door designs and numerous options for customisation and enhanced security. The product also features numerous Schuco components such as handles, locks and door hinges.

Diamond Series Schuco front doors

Completing the Glasswin Front Doors Range is the Diamond Schuco Series. This range offers ever better performance thanks to a deeper frame and higher insulation to the door panel. As a result, the U-Values provided are 0.54Wm2K.

Completly flush with hidden hardware and door sash, the overall appearance is high-end whilst providing a better price point than other similar aluminium door brands.

Quadruple safety glass, German high security standards, additional seals and locking points are just some of its features.

The Schuco quality in aluminium profiles, handles , components and locking systems come with this door. Also available are up to 60 traditional and contemporary aluminium front door designs.

glasswin aluminium front door designs

More information and where to buy Glasswin Front Doors

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