Gerda Thermo Premium 75 front door

The mid-range Gerda Thermo Premium 75 front door is a high-quality aluminium and steel front door featuring a deeper frame profile and a thick door leaf, promising a premium door replacement for any dated front door and is installed easily into a new opening. Gerda Thermo Premium 75 doors come in both contemporary and traditional designs, incorporating advanced door design and materials, quality hardware, and overall craftsmanship.

Gerda Thermo Premium 75 – Overview

Serving as the intermediate model in the Gerda door lineup, the Thermo Premium 75 front door has an insulated aluminium frame with a polyamide thermal break and other insulation materials. The door leaf has robust steel inner and outer skins, with an internal wooden frame surround providing structural support and a thermally efficient styrofoam inner core for insulation.

Available as single doors with optional side and top panels, the Gerda Thermo Premium 75 is designed to complement various architectural styles, catering to homeowners seeking a front door in a contemporary style and excellent specifications. This model is equipped with the same high-quality hardware found across the Gerda doors range, most noteworthy being the sophisticated multipoint locking system, a choice of hinge designs, a standard or low threshold option, and architecturally refined door handles.

With door sizes as narrow as 840mm wide up to 1130mm wide and door heights from 1950mm up to 2200mm, this model comfortably accommodates most existing or new openings.

gerda thermo premium 75

Gerda Thermo Premium 75 – Features and Benefits

Gerda Thermo Premium 75 model is meticulously designed and crafted as a door with a luxurious look, visible quality to the handles, hinges, glass and styling, with reliable security, energy efficiency, weather resistance, functionality, and aesthetics.

More than sixty design options

The Gerda Thermo Premium 75 is intended as a series of doors providing mostly modern door designs, whilst still having within its sixty design options five popular classic designs within the Elite 3D collection. The benefit is a front door product promising some of the most stylish front door looks, whilst benefitting from an all metal construction. At the same time, the door range provides a selection of solid colour, wood effect finishes and textured door surfaces.

The design choices offer solid front doors or glass inserts in a range of sizes and glass pattern options. Additionally, the doors come with a range of accessories including automatic door locks, even higher security key cylinders and a range of handles.

Three hinge options

Depending on the desired style, the Gerda Thermo Premium 75 offers a choice of three hinge options, providing flexibility in the appearance of the door set. The standard face-applied hinge offers a familiar design with prominently visible hinges, while the barrel hinges offer a sleeker profile that is partially visible. Alternatively, the concealed hinge option streamlines the door’s overall look, hiding the hinges entirely between the frame and the door leaf.

Low U-Values

The Gerda Thermo Premium 75 boasts low U-Values down to 1.1Wm2K, surpassing current Building Regulations and with the benefit of having energy-saving thermal credentials. The thick thermal insulation within the 75mm door leaf is accompanied by extensive door sealing throughout, both within the aluminium frame and the door leaf.

Enhanced RC2 or RC3 Security

When paired with the appropriate hardware, the Gerda Thermo Premium 75 front doors meet the RC2 security standard and can be upgraded to the RC3 level, which is a door security test subjected to a wider range of attack methods and tools. The superior lock system provided within this door includes a main lock and upper lock, both with three steel bolts, a lower-level lock with a further two locking points, and a vertical shoot bolt engaging in the frame head.

Gerda Thermo Premium 75 – More information and where to buy

The Gerda Thermo Premium 75 front door showcases how innovation, design, security and thermal performance offer a front door product appealing to all property requirements and customer tastes. Whether as a front door replacement or a new build, Gerda doors are a long-term investment with the benefits of slimline aluminium, robust steel and crafted door hardware. Contact us for more information about Gerda’s front doors and details of where you can view these doors.