Gerda Optima 60 front door

Gerda Optima 60 front door starts the Gerda door range. It is made using an aluminium thermally insulated outer frame from the Deceuninck system. The door leaf is made of steel, internally having a wood structural frame and a thermally-efficient styrofoam inner core.

Gerda Optima 60 – Overview

Available as single doors with optional side and top panels, Gerda Optima 60 doors are designed to suit a variety of home styles, and customers looking for a door with premium construction and product quality. Despite being the entry point into the Gerda front doors range, this model uses the same hardware set found in the more premium models. As standard comes a high-end multipoint locking system, a choice of hinge design, standard or low threshold option and architectural quality door handles.

With door sizes up to 1130mm wide and up to 2200mm high, Gerda Optima 60 meets most replacement and new door requirements, whilst its 60mm thick frame makes it easy to fit into existing openings without disrupting the internal plaster or decoration.

The entry-level Gerda Optima 60 front door is a high-quality aluminium and steel front door designed to replace dated front doors easily and is also ideal in new build homes. These doors come with modern or traditional door designs whilst using cutting-edge materials, hardware and overall design. Gerda Optima 60 doors balance affordability with high specifications, making them reliable for any dwelling.

gerda doors showing grey altus model

Gerda Optima 60 front door – Features and Benefits

Every aspect of the Optima 60 model is designed to offer a high-specification front door, satisfying the needs of most residential properties in terms of security, energy efficiency, weather protection, functionality and styling.

Fifty-five design options

The Gerda Optima 60 series provides thirty-five contemporary and twenty classic styles. Each of these designs comes with options for a combination of colours, further extending the choices available. The benefit is a front door product promising a comprehensive range of options and competes with composite doors, being a superior all-metal door compared to one with a PVCu frame and door skins with a wood insert.

The design choices offer solid front doors or glass inserts in a range of sizes and glass pattern options. Additionally, the doors come with various accessories, including automatic door locks, even higher security key cylinders and a range of handles.

Three hinge options

Depending on the styling required, Optima 60 comes with a choice of three hinge options, with the benefit of giving a choice in how the door set looks. The standard face-applied hinge offers a familiar door design with visible larger hinges. Barrel hinges are slimmer whilst still partially visible. Or the concealed hinge option streamlines the look of the door inside or out, entirely hidden between the inside of the frame and the door leaf.

Excellent Thermal Performance and U-Values

U-Values are low, with the benefit of comfortably meeting and exceeding Building Regulations. U-Values can go as low as 1.3Wm2K value, depending on the design chosen and whether the door is solid or partially glazed. These excellent thermal credentials create a door that provides improved interior comfort in hallways or where the door opens directly into the living space. 

Enhanced RC2 or RC3 Security

When provided with the correct hardware, Gerda Optima 60 front doors meet the RC2 security standard or are upgradeable to the RC3 level providing, which meets even more attack methods in testing. The benefit is a door with excellent security credentials and testing. Door locking includes one vertical bolt, three bolts on the main lock, and two additional locking points on the lower-level auxiliary lock.

Gerda Optima 60 Doors – More information and where to buy

Gerda Optima 60 doors is a fusion of tried-and-tested materials and components, high-quality design and exceptional functionality. These doors are tailored to meet the diverse aesthetic preferences and security needs of homeowners while also offering peace of mind, security, thermal performance and design. Above all, the styling of Gerda doors improves the front of residential property. Contact us for more information about Gerda’s front doors and details of where you can view these doors.