Gerda Altus Front Doors

In addition to their excellent build quality, high specifications and luxury appearance, Gerda Altus front doors are designed to provide the best possible thermal insulation and are suitable for modern passive houses. Made entirely of aluminium, Gerda Altus doors come with a distinctive flush interior and exterior, uniform styling, and a contemporary style throughout, including the minimal key cylinders milled into the door.

Gerda Altus – Overview

The top-of-the-range Gerda door in the collection, Altus, has an altogether different design, including a different lock and hardware aesthetic, complete with a selection of luxurious surface finishes and colours. All the Gerda Altus design details are about minimalism and a smooth appearance. The locking system runs the entire door length, being less obtrusive but very secure. Altus doors have the thickest available door frame and 88mm door leaf, adding to the styling, strength and impressive thermal performance.

Available as single doors with optional glazed side and top panels, Gerda Altus front doors come in the largest sizes, up to 1250mm wide and 2400mm high, with all door designs focused on providing the most modern styles, colours and textures with designer door handles.

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Gerda Altus Doors – Features and Benefits

The Gerda Altus meets the requirements of discerning homeowners and developers for high-end homes and where the seamless front door appearance is preferred. With superb engineering, fit and finish, the feel of a solid and dependable front door and its luxurious visible surfaces, Altus doors comfortably compete with substantially more expensive aluminium doors.

Flush appearance inside and out

The overall appearance of Gerda Altus front doors is about minimalism, smooth lines and a seamless appearance. The door leaf is designed to sit centrally in the aluminium frame, giving a completely smooth look to the door inside and out.

The benefit is not only a door that looks altogether different from other aluminium doors but also one that is visibly more luxurious, including when open, thanks to the discreet placement of locks and hinges and the hidden door hinge option. Altus is styled and made like the significantly more expensive front door brands but at a lower price. Thirty-five different door styles promise to meet most customer design requirements.

The trusted Führ door lock

Führ has been creating some of the best door locks on the market for over 150 years. Made in Germany and a trusted brand, the Führ locking systems fitted in Gerda Altus front doors are fixed to cover the entire lock side of the door. The benefit is greater coverage of the lock side with five locking points. The central lock has the bolt and latch, with four additional hook locks and low and intermediate levels.

Advanced polyurethane thermal core

Polyurethane, a superior choice for front door thermal cores, provides outstanding insulation and energy efficiency compared to styrofoam. The closed-cell structure of polyurethane effectively minimizes heat transfer and possesses a higher R-value, which is a measure of thermal resistance. As a result, the insulation is optimized, reducing energy bills and creating a more comfortable interior behind the door set.

Moreover, polyurethane’s physical properties make it highly humidity-resistant, fortifying the door leaf construction compared to styrofoam. Leading aluminium system companies prefer polyurethane as their go-to material for producing windows and doors with low U-Values. Gerda Altus meets U-Values of 0.81Wm2K.

Flush exterior lock

The exterior key cylinder is milled into the door leaf, with a completely flush appearance. The benefit is a neater-looking door at the key entry point, without the projection of standard doors where the cylinder escutcheon projects from the face of the door.

Moreover, the key cylinder is very small in appearance whilst not compromising the door security. Gerda Altus doors are tested to the European RC3 standard.

Gerda Altus Prime 75 – More details and purchase information

Gerda Altus front doors in an all-aluminium design and construction combine advanced technology, minimalist aesthetics, and stellar functionality. The Altus door with an 88mm depth, three-chamber aluminium construction, a thermal core and an advanced German locking system. The flagship Gerda Doors model offers luxury, quality, security, and energy-saving thermal performance. The flush design and seamless overall look create an elegant addition to any modern home or development. Contact us for more information and where to view Gerda front doors.