Gerda doors

Gerda Doors are highly-engineered front doors with an all-metal construction. The Gerda door Available as front doors with an aluminium frame and steel door leaf or an ultra-premium all-aluminium model, Gerda doors provide contemporary or traditional-styled aluminium front doors, with a high-end build quality, fit and finish,

Gerda Doors – Introduction

Gerda Doors are made in Poland, and the manufacturing company already has a sound reputation as a provider of steel and aluminium front doors, apartment front doors and fire doors. In addition, Gerda is well-established as a provider of high-quality locks and fittings, garage doors alongside fire-rated glazing and general fenestration.

In addition to designing and making steel and aluminium front doors, Gerda also manufactures a complete range of door hardware, including high security locks, surface-mounted lock systems, door closers, key cylinders, padlocks and smart locks with London local authorities and the Fire Brigade already familiar with this brand of security products and doors.

In the UK, Gerda doors are exclusively distributed by Pioneer Trading Company, a long-established trade supplier and manufacturer serving the fenestration sector.

Gerda Doors Product Range

The Gerda doors product range comprises four different models. Each has very similar hardware and general specifications, a further indication of the value proposition Gerda doors offer, compared with other types of front doors where entry-level models often lose features.

Choosing which of the four Gerda products is best is largely determined by price, the construction materials used in the door, the design options preferred and the level of insulation required.

Gerda Optima 60

The entry-level Gerda Optima 60 model uses an aluminium outer frame and steel door leaf with thick thermal insulation. Optima 60 is very competitively priced and offers an all-metal door similarly priced to premium composite doors. U-Values are low, security features are excellent, and there is a choice of door classic or contemporary designs, either as a full solid door or using glass panels.

Gerda Thermo Premium 75

Upgrade to the Thermo Premium 75 model, and this model provides a thicker aluminium frame and steel door leaf, improving the U-Values. This model has more design options leaning more towards contemporary styles using attractive colours, textured finishes, and decorative metal accents inside and out.

Gerda Thermo Prime 75

Also, with an aluminium frame and thick steel door leaf, the Thermo Prime 75 is a further upgrade to the Thermo Premium 75 model with an even better internal core made out of highly insulated polyurethane, improving the U-Values. Thermo Prime 75 also comes at larger door widths and heights.

Gerda Altus

The Gerda Altus is the top-of-the-range door in the Gerda doors series, with an all-aluminium construction. This model has the thickest door leaf at 88mm using a 90mm door frame. It is different in design with a flush design inside and out, sitting within its frame. The U-Values are the lowest possible, also using a polyurethane thermal core and more premium hardware using the trusted German Fuhr brand.

Gerda Doors – Durability, Style and Quality

Gerda Aluminium doors are a modern choice for homeowners seeking a blend of style, durability, and energy efficiency. Sleek design, versatile designs and a wide range of customisation options. Gerda doors match any property style whilst offering strength, reliability and slim door frames. Their innovative steel and aluminium construction promises a door that is highly resistant to warping, rotting, or rusting, making these doors a sustainable and long-term investment. Get in touch for more information and where to view the Gerda doors collection.