Frameless Glass doors for office and room dividers

Frameless Glass doors offer solutions for homes and commercial properties needing effective room dividers or partitions.  Already successfully installed in many homes as well as prestigious corporate buildings they offer different features and specifications compared to other types of doors.
sophisticated manufacturing and unique profiles and components make up a glass bifolding door.
Sophisticated manufacturing and unique profiles and components make up a glass internal door.
Standard bifolding doors will often be fitted internally with ultra low thresholds.  However the sight lines of external bifolding doors remain the same for when these same doors are used internally. Frameless Glass Curtains benefit from no intermediate framing meaning any internal room dividers, doors or screens remain slimline and make the most of the glass panels and available glass area.

Single Glazed Frameless Glass Doors.

A super slimline outer frame of 40mm is used to the perimeter of the door with a 33mm profile to the top and bottom of the door leaves.  Aluminium profiles are thermally broken to provide effective insulation additionally.  Advanced gaskets and weatherstripping are used as well as pure Teflon, PTFE to aid operation. Outer frames have built in deflection to assist with wind loadings.

 Glass Specification on frameless internal doors.

10mm Toughened Glass is used that is polished all-round for smooth appearance when touched.  Glass is Kitemarked in accordance with relevant British Standards.  Advanced Schlegal weatherstripping us used or clear PVC to provide sealing.  Doors when sealed provide approximately 70% sound proofing.

Operation of Locks and Handles.

For internal operation, doors are opened with a choice of either a high quality lock in stainless steel lock or a “poppit” operated by pulling on a clear rod manufactured from quality acrylic.

Operation of internal doors.

at only 45mm doors remain ultra compact when stacked in the open position.
Doors remain ultra compact when stacked in the open position.
The aluminium profiles utilise sophisticated components.  One innovative feature of these doors is that they slide on PTFE Pure Teflon with all weight being borne on the bottom of the doors.  Unlike other doors they are not hung from the top and there are no wheels.  Doors use kinetic energy to slide. Consistent operation is maintained by the doors opening only when they reach the desired position. A turning mechanism housed in the top and bottom tracks ensure doors open automatically exactly where required and ensuring they lock into the correct position when closed. Fully opened doors stack with a marginal and very impressive 5mm between each door.  Doors can open in or out and slide to one side or both sides depending upon the configuration and design.

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