Information about Frameless Bi folding doors

The all glass bifolding doors available from Frameless Glass Curtains combine innovation, high quality design and sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

the innovative glass bifolding doors from frameless glass curtains have many unique features compared to standard bifolding doors.
The innovative glass bifolding doors from Frameless Glass Curtains have many unique features compared to standard bifolding doors.

With UK and International Patents, these unique glass bifolding doors offer several advantages over typical aluminium bifolding doors.

How FGC’s Slide & Fold Doors Differ

The framing element of the product provides a highly insulated thermally broken frame to the perimeter of the door at the head and sides (jambs) and in conjunction with the threshold.

Each door leaf features an aluminium rail top and bottom only. Unlike other metal bifolding doors there is no aluminium profile to the sides of the door leaves, regardless of how many leaves are chosen.

The advantage of this is that when the doors are closed you are looking through glass and without the obstruction of visible aluminium.  As a result, there are substantial uses for frameless slide and fold doors in both residential and commercial buildings.

Glass Spacer Bar

The double glazed units used in the high standard of construction to make glass bi folding doors is radically different from the double glazed units used normally.  The spacer bar found in any standard high specification unit is replaced with an incomprarable spacer bar made of toughened glass.

This spacer bar despite it’s glass construction still contributes to the impressive U Values of these bifolding and sliding doors giving an centre pane U Value of 1.0Wm2K. The product with the frame achieves an overall U-Value of 1.7Wm2K.    Glass is manufactured with 4mm/6mm Planitherm 4s or soft coat and 4mm/6mm Toughened low iron. The toughened glass spacer which is 20mm x 12mm/15mm/18mm with 45 degree x 8mm mitres are fixed between the long edges of glass. Top and bottom have 2 rows of aluminium 20mm spacer bars filled with desiccant. Profiles are compressed onto glass and fixed with a polymer.constructed from

Unique Door Hardware

It makes sense with a bifolding door made of glass to continue the all glass theme and extend it to the handles. Available is a range of sophisticated door handles that complement the sleek and frameless appearance of the bifolding doors.

Satin Chrome, satin stainless steel and polished stainless steel hardware is also available.

The most compact bifolding doors when open.

On all bifolding doors designed to fold back and depending upon whether all panels slide to one side or each side some space is inevitably lost when the doors are fully folded.  Most customers choose to have their doors opening outwards to save on losing inside space.  On a typical all aluminium bifolding door, you can lose space.  Our compact bifolding doors take up only 180mm on a four pane door – substantially slimmer.

Frameless slide and fold doors are also ideal for use in commercial glazing, such as shops, offices or office partitions.

Certification to recognised industry standards

As you would expect from a top quality product it has been extensively tested to meet or exceed current industry standards.

frameless glass curtains have tested their doors to meet or exceed current standards and with patents pending.
Frameless Glass Curtains have tested their doors to meet or exceed current standards and with patents pending.

Current certification includes:

  • High Security Testing, meeting the requirements of PAS 24 as tested by leading Testing Institute, BM TRADA.
  • Exceptional weather performance Chiltern Dynamics also part of the BM TRADA Group achieving BS6375 for air, wind and water performance.
  • The highly respected European Testing Institute TUV Rheinland has tested the units in accordance with BS EN 1279-3.
  • This means the sophisticated double glazed units, including the unique glass spacer bar have successfully passed testing moisture penetration, gas leakage and concentration tolerance.
  • This ensures long lasting and highly performing glass that is so integral to this unmatched product.
  • CE Conformance is achieved with official paperwork available. Testing in accordance with BE EN 1279 – 2

If you would like further information about these sophisticated doors, please contact our website.