Frameless Glass Bifold Doors

Frameless Glass Curtains offer sliding and bifolding doors as frameless doors without the aluminium sections found on many other bifolding door systems.  FGC offers high quality and ultra-modern products that give a dramatically different type of bifolding door.

frameless glass curtains offer bifolding doors with less framing than typical aluminium bifolding doors
Frameless Glass Curtains offer bifolding doors with less framing than typical aluminium bifolding doors. (image courtesy of Folding Glass Curtains Ltd)

Installed in both residential dwellings and commercial installations such as shopping centres, FGC doors offer uninterrupted views by providing doors that have no mullions, hinges or meeting stiles found on typical bifolding and sliding doors.

Folding Glass Curtains offer many advantages over standard bifolding doors.

An increase in visible glass area is the first and important benefit to this type of door product.  Having significantly less visible aluminium profile than other bifolding doors means extra light, improved visibility outdoors and a true “outdoor” experience.

On typical bifolding doors there are aluminium sight lines that are visible when the doors are closed.  Whilst many bifolding door systems available are slim, this visible aluminium is part of the overall design.  With Folding Glass Curtains, there are no intermediate mullions.  Each glass panel consists of high quality gasket that is designed to compress when the doors are closed.  It is this unique feature that enables a seamless glass appearance.

typical bifolding doors even when ultra slim still have visible meeting stiles and thicker sight lines.
Typical bifolding doors even when ultra slim still have visible meeting stiles and thicker sight lines.

Additionally on standard doors the handles, hinges or intermediate handles designed to lock the middle panels are all visible.  With FGC doors none of this hardware can be seen.  With little visible hardware, FGC doors also offer excellent security.

The slim design of these doors also means they take up less space when stacked open.  With a typical 45mm dimension on the depth this means a standard 4 panel bifolding door when stacked open will only take up 180mm of stack making them much slimmer than typical bifolding doors.

Doors meet British and EU standards for wind and weather resistance.

Despite substantially less framing, FGC doors meet current British and European standards for weather performance. U Values on the doors are excellent using high specification glass such as Pilkington Planitherm 4s.  This type of glass is highly energy efficient meaning U values of 1.0Wm2K can be achieved.  With glass being the core component of any door, it is important that the right type is used to ensure thermal performance.

Pilkinton Planitherm 4s glass also assists with sound insulation and in keeping the interior of the property more comfortable in the warmer months as it features a special reflective coating.

Other features of FGC doors include:

  • Ultra low threshold at only 5mm
  • Top and bottom tracks are available in white power coated aluminium or any other RAL colour
  • A choice of handle options
  • 10 year guarantee on installed products.
  • Bottom hung arrangement meaning the weight is carried at the bottom of the doors

Folding Glass Curtains are ideal for residential or commercial installations.

FGC doors have already been installed in many dwellings where they have provided a fantastic “all glass” solution for bifolding doors.  They can be made using single glass for internal applications such as room dividers or with the double glazed option for external doors.

Commercially they have been installed in restaurants, conference centres and many other high use buildings to create glass walls with all the advantages of bifolding or sliding doors.

FGC doors provide a full glass solution for sliding and folding doors.  Contact us if you would like more information.