Advantages of Frameless Bifolding Doors

Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd, manufacture a sophisticated range of frameless bifolding doors for internal or external and residential or commercial applications.  Designed to offer additional benefits over and above traditional bifolding doors, they benefit from the bare minimum in framing enabling the maximum possible light to flood into a room.

frameless glass doors offer a host of features and unique innovations not found on standard metal or pvcu doors.
Frameless Glass Doors offer a host of features and unique innovations not found on standard metal or PVCu doors.

Already installed in many homes all over the UK and in some highly prestigious commercial installations, Frameless Glass Curtain can meet or exceed customer expectations when it comes to choosing new bifolding doors.

Frameless Glass Door Product Features and Advantages

Frameless Glass Curtains are a bespoke all glass bifolding and sliding door that offers several unique features and advantages over typical aluminium bifolding doors.

With sophisticated design and a host of technical innovations, these are unique and highly desirable glass doors that will benefit any property. Read some answers to the commonly asked questions about frameless doors and glazing. 

No visible hardware

Unlike bifolding doors utilising a standard all metal, PVCu or timber construction, each door leaf has no mullions and no hinges. This ensure lines remain clean, uninterrupted and uncluttered.

There are no intermediate handles or visible hardware typically found in standard bifolding doors. Yet despite the lack of obvious and expected hardware Frameless Glass Curtains offer unrivalled levels of security.  With locks also playing a part in keeping a typical bifolding door weathertight and sealed, frameless glass bifolding doors still offer exceptional sealing and weather performance when closed.

Unique Glass exclusive to the doors.

Frameless Glass Curtains utilise sophisticated glass technology to create a superlative glass door.  Pilkington Planitherm 4S energy efficient glass is used with a unique all glass spacer bar.  This glass construction is totally unique to the product and available with no other door on the market.  Additionally a light reflective specialist glass coating helps keep the glass doors comfortable in the summer.

One key innovation is the use of exclusive glass spacer bars that are a dramatic departure from the plastic or metal unsightly spacer bars found in other doors.  Double or triple glazing is available.

A unique room divider

In single glazed form, frameless glass doors are the perfect room divider.  When used inside a property all the advantages of a frameless glass door become instantly apparent as they don’t have any of the visible framing found on other doors.  This means you can create internal glass walls with a product that provides an authentic and functional room divider and not just an external door that has been fitted inside a home!

Suitable for homes and offices.

Frameless glass doors have been successfully installed in a host of commercial and domestic applications.  Architects offices, restaurants and bars, shops and many other buildings all benefit from the style, sophisticated design and functionality offered by these all glass folding and sliding doors.

Innovative Glass Hardware

Where standard bifolding doors offer metal hardware, frameless glass curtains are available with a choice of transparent and highly desirable glass door handles that are stylish, elegant, refined and sophisticated.  They cannot be provided to a standard metal or PVCu bifolding door.


British Designed and Made

Benefitting from the very latest in glass processing and manufacturing and coupled with hand craftsmanship, frameless glass curtains and designed and built in the UK and installed nationwide.

As well as frameless glass doors, there are matching frameless glass balustrades for staircases, balconies and patio areas. 

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