Dutemänn Schuco ASS70 Bifolding Door

The Dutemänn Schuco ASS70 bifolding door is the market-best in German-engineered bifolds. Through expertise and aluminium knowledge, Dutemänn subtly improves the product for better sightlines at the head and an improved locking experience.

The Dutemänn Schuco ASS70 Bifolding Door

schuco ass70 bifolding door  made by dutemann uk ltd

As the UK’s largest and award-winning aluminium manufacturer of Schuco ASS70, Dutemänn provides one of the best-known and most desirable bifolding door brands.

The Schuco reputation for manufacturing quality and design is already well-known by door professionals. Dutemänn expertly make these high quality doors in their modern Kent factory, supplying UK installers.

Available from stock are five standard RAL colours as well as the full palette of powder coated, metallic or anodised finishes to special order.

When looking for a top of the range bifolding door with outstanding aesthetics and performance, we recommend the Schuco ASS70FD. German-designed and made in the UK, every detail of Schuco bifolding doors is carefully thought out, providing you with a luxury bifolding door, right down to the smallest detail. Contemporary in appearance and crafted with the best in security, weather performance and colour choices.

  • Door panels engineered for big sizes up to 1200mm wide and 3metres high therefore giving you bigger sizes and better views.
  • One of the thinnest premium bifolding doors on the market. Sightlines of just 120mm at the door mullions provide less visible aluminium and a more modern appearance.
  • Schuco designed door furniture with top quality hinges and sophisticated multi-point locking system with adjustable door catches holding the folded panels securely in position.
  • Gaskets that move away from the frame when you open the doors for a better-looking, sleeker door. Adjustable frame jambs make Schuco bifolds of the easiest to install
  • Available with an optional opening window within a door panel for extra ventilation.

Without any compromise to the standard Schuco door, Dutemänn provides some subtle enhancements when buying their Schuco ASS70 bifolding door.

A neater detail at the bifolding doors head

With many bifolding doors installed in new extensions, so is the Building Regulations requirement for a trickle vent. As a result, most products require an additional add-on section, accommodating the trickle vent. The frame head has a thicker sightline as a result.

With a Schuco ASS70 Bifolding Door made by Dutemänn, there’s no additional profile applied at the frame head. Any trickle vent requirement sits neatly fitted in the existing framework. As a result, there are reduced sightlines at the top of the doors with a neater overall finish.

More convenience when locking and unlocking the doors

The Dutemänn locking solution provides a more user-friendly solution than other Schuco doors. You get the more familiar lift-to-lock operation via the high quality lever-lever handle with useful latch function. This is instead of the standard arrangement with a Schuco bifold, whereby the key controls the locking of the doors. Lifting the handle activates the multi-point locking and then a separate mortice facility via the high security door cylinder.

As well as the lever-lever arrangement there’s also a slimline handle option.

The widest bifolding door panels at 1500mm

Added to the Schuco bifolding doors range, is a heavier duty model with the ASS70 FD HD. The benefit is allowing even larger glass panes, more light and better views.

As well as this, three panel doors are now possible in apertures often needing a fourth panel. Finally, is the reduced aluminium sightline and the patio sliding door appearance when the doors are closed, yet with all the functionality provided by folding sliding doors.

More information about Schuco doors expertly-crafted by Dutemänn

When buying a Dutemänn made Schuco bifold, it’s built to a heavier duty standard, therefore giving an even longer lifespan and reliability in use. One of the best brands of bifolding doors on the market is available through a reliable and expert aluminium manufacturer available to homeowners via Dutemänn’s quality installer network around the UK.

Also available made by Dutemänn are the slimline Schuco AWS70 SC aluminium windows.

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