Dutemann FD85 Bifolding Door

Dutemann is one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of bifolding doors, sliding doors and aluminium front doors. Within their range is an advanced range of aluminium doors based on successful aluminium systems. The Dutemann FD85 arrived in 2017 as a genuinely different bifolding door from the competition.

dutemann fd85 bifolding door

What is the Dutemann FD85 bifolding door?

The Dutemann FD85 bifolding door is a collaboration between Dutemann and Alumil. Alumil is one of the biggest Greek aluminium systems companies with a host of innovative products throughout Europe and the world.

In creating the FD85, we understand Dutemann wanted to bring out a door with genuine innovation and new features. And they’ve done just that.

With the bifolding door market now mature and established, anyone wanting to put out a new bifolding door has to make it different. Having seen the Dutemann door, we think they have achieved it. First of all it’s gorgeous to look at. Slim, elegant, and modern. While the homeowner won’t know the calibre of who makes this door, the trade does. Dutemann is one of the premier aluminium manufacturers in the UK. Award-winning and with a focus on aluminium expertise, excellence and service. As well as the excellent look of the door, the hardware, rollers and handles, not only looks first class, it works impeccably.

Features of the Dutemann FD85 Bifolding Door

Security, slim sight lines, low U Values, wide door panels and a new locking system are the main features of Dutemann’s new bifolding door.

Dutemann says, their new bifolding door promises 1.5Wm2 U-Values based on a standard specification double glazed unit. Therefore, for customers interested in a thermally efficient bi-fold door, it is certainly worthy of consideration. The door profiles of course, are insulated, using a deep polyamide thermal break. As well as this, the profiles themselves have additional insulation within the chambers.

Importantly, it’s the outstanding sightlines of the Dutemann FD85 bifolding door, making this quite different. You get a slim 105mm sightline where the door panels meet in the closed position.  As a result, Dutemann enters a small collection of some of the best bifolding doors also delivering minimal looks. The Solarlux Ecoline bifold is probably the best and thinnest. After this is another German-made door, from Sunflex.

All these doors rank amongst the slimmest bifolding doors in the UK today. Yes the Visofold 6000 is thinner, but this system is not in the league of Dutemann, Schuco, Solarlux or Sunflex.

The FD85’s thin door mullions are beaten by only by the 94mm sight line of the new Smart Systems Visofold 6000. Solarlux SL80 doors offer 104mm, Schuco and Comar bifolding doors at 120mm and air bifolding doors at 122mm.

The Quadbolt ™ locking system is exclusive to the Dutemann FD85 bifolding door with four-way shoot bolts.  Finally, for those wanting matching single or French doors to match their bifolds, it is possible with the FD85.

Bifolding doors with door leaves at 1.35m

slim bifolding doors

Recent years has seen installers look to push the boundaries of bifolding doors.

Alongside the push towards thinner door mullions, wider door panels are the other innovation

Several door systems can comfortably achieve 1200mm bifolding door leaves. Dutemann has delivered door panels of 1350mm.

There are positives and negatives to wide door leaves. The consideration for homeowners is how much space wide door panels take when folded back. The more door leaves, the bigger the stack and possible loss of space. If the bifolding door opens inwards or out onto a smaller patio, this can take up valuable room.

However, the one big advantage of wider door panels on a door like the FD85 is a three panel door design where many other systems would need four doors. Dutemann says that openings up to 4050mm are now possible with only three panels. We would assume this would make for a cheaper bifolding door as the fewer door leaves, the cheaper the bifold. The other obvious advantage is less visible mullions, bigger glass areas, better view and more light. This we think is a great feature of the FD85.

How to buy the Dutemann FD85 Bifolding Door.

Dutemann is a highly experienced trade manufacturer, and their new bifolding door is available through their network of installer partners all over the UK. The Dutemann Glide-S is the quality sliding door offering from the company and they also offer very good aluminium front doors based on the Schuco system.