Aluminium Windows for the trade by Duration

For installers and the fenestration trade, Duration Windows provides trade supply aluminium windows. Their comprehensive range covers both residential and commercial projects, as well as specialist windows, shapes and opening options.

Even better for those wanting fast lead times, Duration provides a fast track service on the major aluminium products supplied. The company promises to deliver within 7 days in a white finish and either unglazed or with the glass provided.

trade supply aluminium windows

Products available as Trade Supply Aluminium Windows by Duration

The trade has an excellent choice of supply only window products meeting the needs of virtually any type of product, whether new build or existing.

Steel Replacement Windows

trade supply steel look windows

Steel-look windows by Duration provide genuine sales opportunities for installers.

As well as a standard steel-look range, there are different styles using alternative profiles and an excellent section of standard or heritage hardware

Using one of the most credible steel-replacement and heritage systems on the market, they come with authentic details and slim profiles. Additionally, they provide added sales for installers, capitalising on the current trend for this window style.

Four different versions of these sought-after aluminium windows include stepped windows with ultra slim sightlines. There’s a putty line version, ideal for timber or stone surrounds. A Heritage casement windows offer equal sightlines with the familiar edge detail of metal windows. Finally a putty-line version provides equal sightlines, with or without applied aluminium bars to the glass.

Trade Supply Aluminium Casement Windows

trade supply grey casement windows

A significant manufacturer using Smart Systems, Duration provides four different casement window suites for residential or commercial property

Included in the range are windows of both A and B ratings. Moreover they come with insulated profiles, secure glazing methods and excellent weather performance.

The entire range offers solutions for both new and replacement projects. Frame sections include direct fix, slimline, for stone mullions or hardwood surrounds. As well as this, there’s the latest flush casement window with consistent sightlines and suitable for traditional or contemporary styled windows in the home.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

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For sliding windows, the fenestration trade has a choice of trade supply aluminium windows as horizontal or vertical sliding.

Both versions provide installers with quality-made insulated windows with a broad range of colours and configurations.

For sliding sash windows, there’s a heritage slider in aluminium featuring slim meeting rails, authentic bottom rails and sash horns. The VS Plus model provides residential and commercial-quality windows where traditional aesthetics are not required.

Horizontal sliding windows meet the needs of large or small window openings where an opening casement may not be suitable. Alternatively sliding windows provide bigger window openings than hinged versions. The Duraslide 2000 uses slimline sliding door sections. Or there’s a folding version using the Continental bifolding door system.

Tilt and Turn Windows

picture of tilt and turn window.

Trade supply tilt and turn aluminium windows provide easy-cleaning solutions with the benefit of flatline profiles for a modern look.

Tilt and turn windows in aluminium provide the benefit of larger opening vent sizes with 2 metre high products often possible using these profiles

For installers, these windows come with either a tilt and turn, turn only or tilt only opening method. As a result they suit commercial projects, social housing and windows where an opening out method isn’t suitable. Duration Windows provide these two frame depths for new build or replacement installation.

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Finally, installers looking for supply only fabricated windows, get a choice of a glazed or unglazed service. Furthermore the company provides, multiple configurations including curved heads and shapes. There’s also full integration with aluminium residential doors.