Sliding doors for the Trade by Duration

Trade supply sliding doors by Duration Windows come with a choice of profile aesthetics giving installers contemporary patio doors for residential or commercial premises. Using reliable, quality made and tried and tested systems, the range of products suits exterior doors and internal room dividers.

For the trade, they benefit from reliable lead times and service with a comprehensive range of standard colours in stock

The Sliding Doors by Duration Windows range

Available for installers and property professionals are four different sliding door models. These meet the needs of both standard door openings or larger glazed spans. As well as this, there’s a selection of conventional inline models or the latest lift and side operation.

Duraslide 2000 Sliding Doors

sliding doors by duration windows

For residential patio doors in new or replacement projects, Duraslide 2000 sliding doors come in two or three tracks and from two up to four sliding panels.

Premium-grade aluminium profiles with a durable powder coated finish provide excellent insulation and with a low-maintenance finish in a choice of standard or special colours.

Offering slimline profiles, this particular product also serves in residential or commercial properties needing horizontal sliding windows. The sliding operation on a two-panel door offers either one or two panes sliding. Three panels doors on a triple track slide in both directions and stacking neatly together.

The aesthetics of this door are more European-inspired in design. It comes with rounded profiles, mitred outer frames and square joints to the sliding sashes. It’s an ideal trade sliding door for standard apertures and door leaves up to 2.1m high. Anti-lift blocks, one-piece rail, security glazing and multi-point locks are just some of it’s key features.

Penthouse Slide Patio Doors

lift and slide doors trade supply

Suitable for use in both residential or commercial environments and with inline or lift and slide options.

The Penthouse sliding doors by Duration Windows come at up to six sliding panels and up to 2.5m high.

At most sizes, Penthouse Plus sliding doors come with a slim 35mm mullion, or an 83mm version for larger doors. Enhanced security comes via a four-point locking system and high security cylinder. Inline doors come with a modern D-Style handle. Lift and slide doors with a rotating version for raising and lowering the door panels.

Sliding Internal Room Dividers

steel-look sliding doors in black

For interior sliding doors or partitions. A range of sliding internal doors by Duration windows come in either single or double glazed formats.

The key feature of these trade supply room dividers is first the 23mm slim threshold. Then the added functionality with all panels sliding.

Interior sliding doors by Duration windows provide a better solution for the trade compared with exterior grade doors used internally. These doors come with a fitter-friendly 99mm deep frame, also providing a discreet look inside the property. As well as this, the doors come with the option of single glass, reducing the cost where insualted glass isn’t required.

With interior doors needing a less secure method of locking, the doors come with a single point lock. As well as providing security this lock method provides a thinner frame profile too. The installer benefits as well. The products come in easy to assemble kit form, around the glass. Alternatively, there’s a fully fabricated product.