Bifolding Doors for the Trade by Duration

Bifolding doors by Duration windows come supplied to the trade in several different types and models. Duration Windows is the first UK manufacturer of bifolds and since 2005 supplies secure, standard or slim, steel look and open corner models for installers.

For the trade, Duration Windows provides fabricated, trade supply folding sliding doors via a dedicated production facility, reliable lead times and excellent stock holding on standard colours.

bifolding doors by duration windows

The Bifolding Doors by Duration Windows range

Seven different bifolding door styles meet most installation requirements. As a result installers get a comprehensive choice of products. These range from cost-effective ranges through to established systems in the trade market. There’s also a bifold in a unique design, open corner models and doors with a choice of mullion sightlines.

Continental Bifolding Doors

continental bifolding doors by duration windows

The Duration Windows Continental bifold is a tried and tested system and the most popular product supplied to the trade.

This particular product suits more demanding installations and where the installation demands larger door sizes. The doors come at door panels at over 2.7m high and offer widths at 1.2m.

The 70mm frame depth make Continental bifolding doors suitable for replacement or new build applications. They come with a softline profile and a ‘picture frame’ detail around the door frame. Also as standard with this door are multi-point locks, high security cylinders and a choice of lever/lever handle colours. Intermediate panels come with a flush T-handle and shoot bolt locking. One of the benefits of the T-Handle design is allowing neater stacking of the door panels, as well as looking more attractive overall. Other benefits include durable door magnets and stainless steel door tracks also having high performance roller mechanisms.

For aeshtetics, Continental bifolding doors by Duration windows come with a mullion sightline of 140mm. As a result they’ll meet most customer requirements for premium quality folding sliding doors.

Duration Windows provides the trade with six stock colours on this bifolding door model. Colour options include the full RAL colour range, with the option for a textured contemporary surface finish too.

Durafold 1000 Bifolding Doors

durafold 1000 in grey

Providing slimmer sigh lines than the Continental model at the door mullions, Durafold 1000 bifolding doors are the best selling product suitable for replacement or new build installations.

Trade installers also benefit from the best-selling bifolding doors, designed for reliability, style and an extensive choice of special colours.

The colour codes with Durafold 1000 bifolding doors are familiar to the trade from the KL references used by Smart Systems. Also available are the Sensations range of colours. First of all these offer a more contemporary finish, with a tactile, rough surface. Then they come in a range of contemporary finishes, ideal for modern extensions. Sensations also comes to the aluminium windows range available on a supply only basis.

These doors appeal to users wanting additional security at the intermediate door panels. Specifically, the intermediate handles come with built-in cylinder locking. This locking version also does away with additional pull handles found on other bifolding doors.

Emperor Concealed Bifolding Doors

emperor folding sliding doors

The Emperor Bifolding doors product by Duration Windows uses the company’s own extrusions and design.

The standout feature of these doors is a hidden hinges between the door leaves. No visible hinges, a cleaner look and contemporary lines make this door suitable for those projects needing a different style and more unique product.

Even the intermediate handles differ from many other brands on the market. On the Emperor models, these come fully flush with a more discreet and unobtrusive look as a result. Another great feature around these flushline handles is even better stacking of the folded panels. And just like the hidden hinges, they keep the inside of the doors clean as they also don’t need an additional D-Handle for pulling on the door sashes.

Finally, the mullions sightlines of these doors come at just 135mm making them slimmer than Origin, Visofold, Senior Systems and many other well-known brands. As a trade supply bifold, Emperor provides installers with something altogether different from a reliable and expert trade supplier.

Durafold Slimline

bifolding doors by duration windows

Available with mullion sightlines of just 94mm, Durafold Slimline is an ultra-slim bifolding door and with virtually unbeatable sightlines.

Slimmer than Schuco, Reynaers, Solarlux, Sunflex and many other top brands. Durafold Slimline offers trade installers contemporary sightlines at a more affordable price.

Panels sizes on this thin folding sliding door come at up to 1000mm wide and up to 2300mm high. A contemporary style with full weather performance, and having a fitter-friendly 76mm deep outer frame. Using the bifolding door sashes, installers also benefit from offering their end user customers slimline single and French Doors too.

Continental Plus Bifolding Doors

bifolding doors in a showroom

Slim sightlines with a contemporary style and excellent U-Values.

Continental Plus bifolding doors by Duration Windows suit modern extensions and where installers seek a more distinctive bifolding door style.

Modern aluminium profiles with a polyamide thermal break provide a good range of door sizes over 2500mm high and with slimline mullion dimensions of just 122mm. As a result, these doors are comparable with products such as Schuco ASS70 models for slim sightlines. Duration also provides these with contemporary door hardware, flush intermediate door handles and a distinctive high-grade handle for the traffic doors.

The U-Values of Continental Plus bifolding doors provide excellent 1.5Wm2K figures using a typical good specification double glazed unit. Triple glazed doors provide even better performance. U-Value on double glazed unit and 1.3 triple glazed unit.

Heritage Bifolding Doors

steel-look bifolding doors

For steel-look products, Duration windows use the Durafold Slimline model, expertly modified and customised creating an authentic steel-look and heritage version.

Unlike other steel look models on the market, these doors come with their own Heritage stepped sash. Therefore they provide installers with a more credible bifold than say an Origin OB-49 only having plant on bars.

Duration Windows provides many years expertise in the creation of steel-look products. Specifically for bifolds, you get a choice of applied bars and optional deep bottom rails and kick plates. There’s also a matching range of single and French doors, completing the steel styled, industrial look installation. And unlike other steel-styled bifolds, Heritage bifolds come with an optional ‘lock box’. This replicates the lock body with thicker backplate of traditional steel doors.

Options available with bifolding doors by Duration Windows

The above products come with all manner of colours as well as essentials making installation better for installers. For instance, there’s colour matched aluminium trims, many different glass options as well as integral glass blinds.

For interior, medium-exposure and accessibility, bifolding doors by Duration Windows come with a choice of threshold solutions too.