DORMA Panic Bars and Exit Devices

A fire escape door is required to not only keep a building secure but also to be instantly easy to use, as well as releasing a door immediately in the event of an emergency.  With stringent regulations in place for fire exit doors and where occupant safety is critical, it is important to provide panic and fire escape hardware of excellent quality. It is important to remember that many doors in buildings that are never used for access and intended only as fire exit doors will very rarely be used.  It is even more important where you have such doors closed for many weeks at a time to ensure the hardware that is fitted to them is of a high quality and will be dependable should an emergency situation occur.

Panic bars and exit devices by are functional, durable and benefit from great design.

panic bars and exit devices are a range of crossbars, push bars, pad handles and touch bars that are compatible with timber, metal and narrow stile aluminium doors.  They can be used as stand alone exit devices or can be integrated with the range of lever handles, access control systems and other hardware to provide complete door solutions.  All panic bars are third party tested to BS EN 179 and/or Certifier. The range of panic bars includes:

9000 Series Panic bar

The 900 series panic bar is a heavy duty panic exit device available in powder coated or metal finishes.  Suitable for high traffic applications such as schools it features a touch bar of reduced projection and designed for 48mm to 101mm thick door sets.  It is available with either surface mounted or concealed rods and can also be specified with anti bacterial and anti corrosive coatings for clinical or chlorine environments.

PHB 3000 Pushbar

dorma phb exit deviceThe PHB 300 push bar is ideal for a wide variety of commercial buildings that require a functional and high quality push bar of with excellent aesthetics.  It is a non handed panic device that is compatible with electric strikes, simple fixing and adjustment and suitable for a wide variety of door widths.

PHA Series Panic Bars

The PHA series is a modular non handed panic bar suitable for glass and frameless glass doors.  It is simple to operate, comes with electric strike options and external access if required.  A variety of different door widths and heights can be fitted with this functional crossbar. The PHA series of panic bars are also available for timber, metal and narrow stile aluminium doors.

Exit Pad

Where doors are installed in buildings with no public users or pedestrian traffic and where people in a building are familiar with exit routes and door operation, a push to exit pad is acceptable.  The push pad uses a latch that engages into the frame and is an attractive high quality exit device that is suitable for aluminium or timber doors.  It has passed Certifire Approval and BS EN 179