DORMA Automatic Door Systems

Automatic doors provide many benefits to commercial buildings and need not be an expensive option given their long term reliability and performance.   DORMA offer a range of complete automatic opening door solutions that comprise either complete door systems or a range of automatic swing and sliding operators that can be fitted to new or existing manual doors.

There are many advantages to providing automatic doors to a business as well as helping you remain compliant with the Equalities Act 2010 and assisting the public.  With a wide range of automatic door systems to suit aluminium, glass, steel or timber doors anything from a single opening door to a complete bespoke entrance can be created.

Automatic door Systems provide a comprehensive range of automatic opening solutions.

The wide range of automatic swing and sliding systems from DORMA all comprises low energy, excellent design, ease of use and ultimate long term reliability.  The complete system comprises the automatic operator and the door leaves themselves, whether these are in powder coated aluminium or as frameless glass doors.  All installation, commissioning and training is carried out by DORMA as leading and highly skilled automatic door installers.  All installations carried out by DORMA meet the requirements of BS EN 16005 ‘Power operated pedestrian door sets, safety in use, requirements and test methods.

Automatic Swing Door Systems


ed_100_framed_door_leaves_1200x1200_uk.jpg_image_slider_product_overviewA fully automatic open in or open out swing door system comprising powder coated aluminium framing and safety glass in the door leaves.  Comprising a surface mounted door operator that can be activated with either push pad, access control system or infra red radar.  Suitable for either single or double doors and available in a wide range of polyester powder coated colours.  Door operators have been tested to over one million cycles.  It is suitable for any kind of commercial installation such as retail. The ED100 250A automatic operator is also suitable for toughened glass door leaves giving a frameless appearance with all the features of the framed system.


ed100_25_frameless_1200x1200_image_slider_product_overview ED100/250 LE 

This low energy automatic door system can help create complete entrances that are intended as barrier free access such as rooms that need constant access or for main entrance doors.  They are typically used mostly as manually operated doors but have the facility for “on demand” automatic operation through a number of activation devices such as a push pad conveniently located or access control system.  Suitable for single or double doors and available as either aluminium powder coated doors or frameless toughened glass doors.


ed_200i_system_frameless_1200x1200_uk.jpg_image_slider_product_overview ED200i

The ED200i is a compact “in head” swing door system that is designed for doors or installations that may have limited space above the doors or in the door transom but also require a means of escape through the doors.  The  ED200i automatic operator features an optional break out facility that enables doors to act as compliant fire escape doors and that open in the opposite direction to the doors under normal operation.  This operator is suitable for either framed doors or frameless glass doors.  It is suitable for either single or double doors.


Automatic Swing Door Operators

Where new or existing doors are to be automated, offer a range of advanced automatic swing door operators.  Low energy operators are designed for manual day to day use with the option for automatic operation on demand.  Fully automatic operators offer a complete automatic door solution via several methods of activation such as infra red and others.

The range of operators comprise the same ED100/250 LE, The ED100/250A, the ED200 and 200i as detailed above.

DORMA Automatic Siding Door Systems.

ST Flex Green

The ST Flex Green is a sophisticated automatic door system designed to reduce heating and general energy costs as well as helping to cut CO2 emissions.  It is able to meet the latest Building Regulations 2010 under Approved Document L using sophisticated seals, interlocks and other features.  Available with a U Value of 1.4 to 1.8 W/m2K it is a truly energy efficient automatic door solution.  Many options are available with the ST Flex Automatic sliding door system including several means of activation, monitoring to building fire or alarm systems and suitable for emergency escape routes.

ES200 Sliding Door Operator

The ES200 is a multiple use sliding door operator that can create several different types of automatic doors.  It is also suitable for doors as emergency exits or escape routes.  It is perfectly suited to any high traffic door or commercial environment such as retail, educational, office buildings and more.  Tested to over one million cycles, the ES200 enables made to measure automatic sliding door solutions to be designed and created including:

st_flex_green_1200x1200_image_slider1_product_overview ST Flex

An automatic sliding door system benefitting from slim profiles for maximum aesthetic appeal and glass area.  It is suitable for escape doors, single or double doors and can be linked building alarm or fire systems.


ST Flex Secure

st-flex_050327_1200x1200.jpg_image_slider_product_overviewSimilar to the ST Flex System, this has the additional advantage of being a maximum security automatic door solution that has been Burglar Resistance Tested to WK2 whilst offering no visible “security barriers”.  It also benefits from a secure four point locking system and special burglar resistant laminated glass.



st_ap_sliding_door_1200x1200_image_slider_product_overview ST AP

This provides frameless glass doors with matching sidelights for maximum transparency.  Doors are connected to the automatic operator using top and bottom rails or advanced magnet patch fittings.  Activation of the doors is via radar, push pad or access control system.  The ST-S Automatic Door system provides an aluminium framed version where full glass door leaves are not required.


fft_050126_1200x1200.jpg_image_slider_product_overview RST Space Saving Automatic Door

Where certain projects can be limited on Space, offer the RST system that is available as a framed or slim framed automatic door.  it is available with sidelights or toplight if required and benefits from activation via radar, secure push pad or access control.  It is ideal for use in any commercial building where space is at a premium yet all the advantages of an automatic door are required.

For even greater space saving, offer the FFT Folding door operator that can give the maximum opening possible using folding door leaves.

You can read more about the range of products from DORMA on their website