Comar Curtain Window Walling – flexible glazing options

Comar Window Walling is a ladder frame system designed to create low-rise facade glazing with flexible glazing options.

Two products from Comar Architectural Aluminium, Comar 2 and Comar 9Pi. Both products provide a cost-effective solution to conventional box curtain walling profiles, with an innovative aluminium system that is suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. The choice of system can depend upon the design and level of thermal performance required.

High Performance Comar Curtain Window Walling

comar curtain window walling

The Comar 9P.i High Performance Window Walling system provides a low-rise facade curtain walling system with integrated windows and doors.  Comar Window Walling creates a competitive framing system in commercial or residential glazing. This aluminium system is easy to fabricate, simple to install and provides cost-effectiveness thanks to a reduced amount of framing materials.

The system is available as a square-cut ladder construction with modules assembled on-site or a mitre-cut arrangement. The Comar 9P.i thermally enhanced system enables most types of buildings to be glazed with profiles available in 80mm, 100mm and 120mm deep sections and a 65mm face sightline. These flexible dimensions make Comar Window Walling suitable for refurbishment or new build projects.

Two levels of thermal performance are possible with U-Values of 1.6Wm2K or 1.0Wm2K possible on a standard module with opening lights. Sealed units of up to 62mm can be glazed within the Window Walling system whether double glazed, triple glazed or with aluminium insulated panels.

For projects requiring glazing below 4 metres in height, the Comar Window Walling System is fit for purpose.

Low-Rise Curtain walling with integrated windows and doors.

As a fixed glazed system, Comar Window Walling provides clean glazing lines for a uniform appearance. The frame designs enable plaster lines and internal decoration to be consistent and without added visual bulk.

Where doors and opening vents are required, the window and door range from Comar is suitable. Opening windows include open out casements, bottom hung windows and tilt and turn windows. Horizontal and Vertical sliding windows can be set into the framing arrangement as well.

Where you can use Comar Facade Glazing.

Older School buildings fitted with Scola or other systems, large metal or timber windows and other designs of the 1960’s and later can all be enhanced with the Comar Window Walling System.

Residential properties looking for a thermally efficient aluminium system to accommodate large structural openings are also suitable.

The Comar Window Walling system provides a simpler and more economical solution to traditional curtain walling where the sizes and spans are reduced. The system is easily installed by professional installers without training or expertise in stick or modular curtain walling.

window walling in aluminium

Advantages of Comar Curtain Window Walling

  • A high performance facade glazing system.
  • Easy to fabricate and simple for installers to fit.
  • Mitre or square cut ladder construction.
  • Integrates with all types of doors and windows.
  • Provides a value engineered, low material solution in development.
  • Meets the latest security and weather performance standards.

Comar 2

For a more cost-effective solution and where performance is not a prerequisite, Comar 2 profiles are widely used.

Comar 2 window walling is ideal for areas of the building that are not as intensive in use such as entrances, stairwell screens, factory glazing and other applications. Comar has slim sight lines, thermally insulated frames and the same integration with casement windows and entrance doors. Commercial doors can also be used within the system.

Advantages of Comar Window Walling for Fabricators and Installers.

Aluminium fabricators, commercial contractors and window installers benefit from this quality low rise facade glazing system. It offers sales opportunities thanks to its frequent specification by architects and enhanced possibilities for homeowners.

  • Vast stockholding for prompt deliveries.
  • Easy to fabricate and simple to install.
  • A comprehensive system meeting all types of project requirements
  • A tried and tested system.
  • Flexible design and huge colour choice.

If you would like prices and more information about the Comar commercial door, please contact us.