Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling

Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling provides a facade glazing solution for fabricators and building designers. Comar Architectural Systems curtain walling is extensively specified and has enhanced many landmark buildings all over the UK.

Comar curtain walling provides glazing solutions for office buildings, hotels, transport facilities, hospitals, schools and housing developments.

The suite of curtain walling products provides a range of products to meet both design requirements as well as fabrication and installation solutions for aluminium professionals.

comar 6eft curtain walling

Advantages of fabricating and installing Comar Curtain Walling.

In the provision of aluminium systems, the right product, systems company service and support are critical. Comar fabricators benefit from manufacturing an aluminium curtain walling product that is easy to specify, simple to order and provides a fast fabrication. Comar fabricators have come to rely on the excellent service provided by Comar with extensive stock holding, quick turnaround on painted material and technical support.

Installers benefit from delivering a system that meets their client’s requirements as well as offering a solution for all large and small contracts. Once on site, Comar curtain walling is a tried and tested, highly reliable system that is simple to install.

Comar 6EFT

Comar Curtain Walling provides all the essential expectations of a well designed modern aluminium facade system.

  • Ease of manufacture for fabricators
  • Easy to install benefiting installers.
  • Provides standard and bespoke solutions.
  • Capped and structurally glazed system.
  • Incorporates all types of windows and doors.

Comar 6 Ladder Frame.

For low-rise curtain walling modules provide fast solutions for installers wishing to provide a curtain walling product that is simple to install on site. The ladder assembly of this system enables each vertical section to easily clip to the next easing installation fitting times on site.

Ladder frame curtain walling also enables installers without extensive curtain walling experience to enter small works contracts and benefit from additional new business in the low rise facade sector for schools, private homes and other projects.

Comar 6 EFT Capped

The Comar 6 EFT Curtain Walling system is a 50mm capped stick system providing ease of fabrication and installation with its stick construction.

A choice of square and feature mullion cappings are available as well as a range of section sizes to meet the required loadings and facade size requirements. Comar 6 EFT is also suitable for roof glazing as well as shaped, sloping and angled curtain walling screens.

Comar 6 EFT Structural Glazed Curtain Walling.

silver curtain walling
Comar curtain walling provides a glazing solution for virtually any type of installation.

Comar curtain walling is available in a 50mm structural glazed variant that offers a visible aluminium or hidden structural glazed solution.

The Comar EFT ’2 sided’ structural glazed system provides aluminium transoms or mullions giving both a capped or full glass appearance as desired.
The system is available with horizontal or vertical capping, concealed vents and a variety of cover cap designs and sizes.

Comar EFT 4 sided creates a fully structural glazed system with no visible external cappings, mullions or transoms.
Within Comar curtain walling is a concealed vent system providing opening lights to curtain walling modules with no visible sight lines, and a choice of top hung or side hung windows.

Specifications of Comar Curtain Walling.

Comar has extensively tested and certified all its curtain walling products to provide a system with integrity. Products are certified with the renowned Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) as well as Taywood Engineering for air, wind and water resistance.

Systems can accommodate all types of glazing thicknesses, aluminium panels as well as inset louvres, windows and doors.

If you are a fabricator wanting to find out more about Comar curtain walling or an installer looking for a supplier, please contact us.