Alumina Residential Doors

Alumina residential doors create single entrance doors for the front or back of a house, as well as for heavy duty light-commercial applications. Just like the Alumina French Door, they provide a uniform appearance giving matching door sets throughout a property.

alumina residential doors

Uses for Alumina Residential Doors.

Alumina Residential doors offer secure, reliable single door sets as an opening in or opening-out door. You can also add side panels and glazed lights creating combination frames and screens. The Alumina residential door has several uses and applications.

  • Utility room doors.
  • Side doors to a garage or an annexe.
  • Single entrance doors for entrance porches.
  • Doors on first floors or higher for balconies and terraces.
  • Inward opening single doors with a balustrade system.
  • As a main glazed or panelled front door.
  • As a single door in a conservatory or lean-to.

Alumina Residential doors Options and Features

Alumina Residential doors provide a number of advantages when compared to PVCu doors and composite doors.  The Alumina system is an attractive sculptured system for both individual doors or where doors need to match PVCu windows.

A powder coated or foiled colour choice.

Just like other high premium-quality aluminium door systems, there is a choice of over 150 RAL colours and a different colour inside and out.  Also available with Alumina doors is a premium foil in both solid and woodgrain colours.

The foil options with Alumina doors benefit the product with an enhanced appearance that is warm-to-the-touch. As well as colour, Liniar foils on Alumina doors enhance the visual appearance of the profile and provide a more tactile finish. Another benefit is a long life, with a more uniform appearance across the length of the door sections. Foils offer enhanced durability over powder coated finishes as well with minimal maintenance. An industrial and permanent bonding process ensures a first-class finish.

For woodgrain colours, Alumina woodgrain doors offer an exact colour match to other Liniar products.

A severe weather rated threshold.

All Alumina residential doors come with the option of a low threshold having a severe weather rating.  A low threshold with a weather rating is rare for residential doors and even extends to the Alumina bifolding door and French door. As well as a weather rated low threshold, four further threshold choices ensure Alumina doors suit both refurbishment and new build installations. Finally, a Part M compliant threshold is suitable for light commercial contracts or for wheelchair accessibility.

Bigger doors than PVCu and composite materials.

Just like other aluminium doors, Alumina provides full width and height doors, bigger than PVCu and composite materials.  Single doors up to 1200mm wide and 2500mm high mean bigger doors. As a result, you rely less on side panels and glazed toplights. For smaller door apertures such as cottages, 600mm wide doors are available.

Energy efficient doors.

Alumina residential doors offer low U-Values as a double or triple glazed door.  Choose from 28mm double glazed units or triple glazing up to 40mm. The best U-Value of Alumina is 1.2W/m²K.

Create Flexible door designs.

With Alumina residential doors comes the option of midrails, mullions, transoms and add-on sections.  The benefit to the homeowner or installer is a flexible system that adapts to various site conditions. It is with door design that Alumina doors really stand out. Our gallery shows one of the recent developments with Alumina residential doors using a combination of both aluminium and PVCu materials.

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Finally, all Alumina doors provide a matching suite of door sections for the entire home. Liniars’ Alumina system creates visually consistent doors, matching windows and colour matched cills, window and door trims and accessories.

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