Alumina by Liniar

Alumina by Liniar is a new generation of aluminium bifolding door developed by one of the best known PVCu systems companies in the UK, HL Plastics Ltd.  First of all, this new bifolding door is developed from the ground up as a quality, well-engineered and feature-rich aluminium bifolding door. As a result, Alumina by Liniar provides a new concept to the market, in terms of its design, its appearance and performance.

alumina by liniar bifolding doors in a home

What is the Alumina by Liniar Door System?

Liniar’s Alumina door system addresses a number of specific customer requirements.  The Alumina aluminium door is also ideal for anyone looking for a top-brand door set.  When compared against other aluminium doors on the market, the Alumina by Liniar door range brings four distinct features not often seen on an aluminium door product.

A sculptured aluminium door system.

The sculptured detailing of Alumina doors gives an exact match to Liniar PVCu windows and doors.  Furthermore, Alumina doors are ideal as standalone doors for replacement or new build installations. The sculptured detail provides a softer aesthetic compared to flatline bifolding and residential doors.

A matching system under one brand and guarantee.

As well as the sculptured aesthetic, Alumina by Liniar aluminium doors match the colours and woodgrain finishes of Liniar windows and doors.  Liniar window trims, window boards, cills and other ancillary profiles also match the aluminium door system.  As a result, when chosen as part of an entire Liniar installation, there is one brand of windows and doors in the home.  There is also one single-point guarantee.

Homeowners benefit from cost savings.  You do not need costlier aluminium windows to match aluminium doors with Alumina by Liniar doors.   Furthermore, for homeowners with existing Liniar PVCu windows, foiled or woodgrain windows, there is an aluminium bifolding door to suit.

All the benefits of foils on an aluminium door.

As well as powder-coated colours, the Alumina door suite provides sophisticated coloured and woodgrain foils on an aluminium door.  The foils applied to Alumina by Liniar doors are industrially and permanently bonded.  The foil colours and woodgrain options provide a durable, warm-to-the-touch finish.  This finish also looks different from conventional coloured or sublimated woodgrain aluminium doors.

Exclusive features on residential folding and hinged aluminium doors.

The range of Alumina by Liniar doors also has several exclusive features.  These include unique top-of-the-line hardware, five threshold options, folding door keys, chrome finish door furniture and a thermal lock.

Certified and accredited Alumina aluminium doors.

The Alumina by Liniar aluminium door range is subjected to the latest security and performance standards.  Consequently, Alumina meets or exceeds current standards for security, quality of materials, energy efficiency and weather performance.

  • BS6375
  • PAS 24 and Part Q
  • Kitemarks and Quality Assurance systems.
  • Secured by Design.

A quality aluminium bifolding door from a leading PVCu systems company.

Alumina brings to market a new generation of the bifolding door from a highly respected systems company. Liniar is a pioneering business in the producing quality PVCu extrusions, premium window and door design, high levels of security and top-of-the-market product quality.

Bifolding, entrance and French doors in the Alumina profiles meet the needs of the current market. Therefore it addresses a specific aesthetic requirement with the domestic market while bringing new great features, specifications and innovation.

Homeowners can view and buy Alumina by Liniar through a network of professional door and windows suppliers and installers. Similarly, the trade has access to Alumina doors either directly from Liniar or their network of trade suppliers.

Finally, every Alumina door is handcrafted and extensively quality checked.  Contact us to find out more about Alumina by Liniar aluminium doors.