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ALUMIL bifolding doors are one of the best bifolding door systems in Europe and also available to buy in the UK.  The ALUMIL SF85 bifold is part of the Supreme range of ALUMIL products with high thermal insulation, enhanced security and weather performance. The SF85 bifolding door also has some of the thinnest sight lines of any major bifolding door brand. It also offers bigger panel sizes.

alumil bifolding doors
Sightlines of just 105mm make ALUMIL one of the thinnest bifold doors available.

Contemporary ALUMIL Bifolding Doors.

The premium ALUMIL SF85 comes with the reliable bottom running operation with high quality rollers running along a durable aluminium track and threshold. The top of the doors has the conventional top guide mechanism with dual rollers.  All the bifold door components ensure the folding sliding action is smooth and light.

This advanced bifolding door is new to the market comprising three key features. First of all to have excellent thermal performance.  As a result, it provides impressive U-Values of 1.0 Wm2K with a high specification unit or in the UK, 1.5Wm2K with a standard low-e unit with warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.

Furthermore, the design of the SF85 surpasses many features found in other German and British premium bifolds.  One of these is the sight lines.  The door mullions are just 105mm with the door panels closed together.  Therefore the ALUMIL door is one of the slimmest bifolding doors in the UK,  beating top brands such as Schuco and Reynaers.

Size capability is another top feature of ALUMIL bifolding doors, again beating most other major systems.  ALUMIL claims panel sizes of 1.5 metres wide and up to 4 metres high.  In the UK, panels of 1.35 still provide wider panels than other leading systems.  Additionally, the SF85 bifolding door creates three panel bifolds where many other systems must use four panels.  As a result, bifold doors have fewer panels, are cheaper in price and offer better views than four panel models.

Thanks to the benefits of polyester powder coating, anodising and sublimation, ALUMIL bifolding doors come in an enormous range of colours, textures and special finishes too.

alumil bifolding door

Reasons to buy the ALUMIL SF85 bifolding door.

  • A premium bifolding doors with semi-structural door panels.
  • 40mm deep polyamide thermal break for impressive energy efficiency.
  • Features a very sophisticated locking system, therefore meeting all the current security standards.
  • Available in multiple configurations such as open corner bifolds, multiple panels for long runs of doors as well as matching single and double doors.
  • Outstanding air, wind and water resistance.
  • An ultra-smooth slide and fold action also creating a durable, long-lasting product.

Other bifolding doors from ALUMIL.

In addition to the SFD85 model, are the Smartia M19800 and M9800 versions, also available as a sliding folding door product.

The SMARTIA M19800 bifold uses the alternative top hung arrangement, where the panels operate from the top frame.  The M19800 suits doors not needing the best levels of security and performance. For instance, external folding dividers, patio enclosures, commercial and leisure buildings and hotels.

The M9800 is a non-thermally broken bifolding door widely used for internal applications, office partitions or outside patio areas without insulation or locations needing weather sealing.

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