ALUMIL Aluminium

ALUMIL Aluminium is a Greek aluminium systems company, providing residential and commercial windows, doors, facade glazing and aluminium profiles.  Products from ALUMIL come either as standard or through the enhanced ALUMIL SUPREME Partner Network.

alumil aluminium
Alumil Aluminium specialises in the very latest slimline, contemporary and minimalist windows and doors.

About ALUMIL Aluminium in the UK.

The Company has a global presence in 60 countries, additionally with over 30 subsidiaries internationally.

For the UK homeowner market, Alumil already has a presence. Several trade manufacturers and installers make and sell their windows and doors.  Contact us for where to buy Alumil products around the UK. In the range of Alumil aluminium products is a complete range of windows, many sliding doors, folding doors and contemporary front doors.

Although ALUMIL is a relatively new company in the UK market, you can already buy their products. For instance, many sliding doors, and especially the latest slimline sliding patio doors sold in the UK use ALUMIL as well as other European systems such as Cortizo of Spain and Metra of Italy. Virtually every type of slimline door in the UK comes from one of these significant European aluminium systems companies. Furthermore, both the Glide-S sliding patio door as well as the latest FD85  bifolding door from Dutemann, use the ALUMIL system. Express Bifolding doors also provide the Alumil product in their XP Vision bifolding door product.

Markets served by Alumil and the Alumil Supreme Partner Network

For the commercial markets, ALUMIL has over 100 engineers employed in the specification and design of windows, doors and facade glazing for substantial industrial and commercial buildings.  There is also the Alumil Training Academy, in place to train their network of fabricators and installers.

The residential market is though a network of manufacturers selling the Alumil product either with its original brand name or rebranded by the business.

What Alumil is best known for

In the Greek and international markets the Alumil name is well-known, reputable and widely specified in construction projects.

Excellent design, thermal performance and unique product features are all found in ALUMIL windows and doors.  Therefore, there are several good reasons to consider them alongside other brands.

Features such as hidden door hinges reduce the bulk of their entrance doors.  Concealed door sashes lessen the amount of visible aluminium.  Their sliding doors come with frames designed to hide within the wall as well as some of the narrowest interlocking profiles. Also widely available are low thresholds across their sliding and folding door products.

  • A sought-after aluminium system in mainland Europe and internationally.
  • Technically superior products, especially their range of sliding and bifolding doors.
  • Alumil designs their products with the homeowner in mind. Therefore all their products offer the latest thermal, security and weather performance technology.
  • All their aluminium windows and doors are tried and tested, reliable and with excellent functionality.

Above all, ALUMIL is one of the major global brands for minimalist and contemporary windows and doors. Their entire range focuses on minimal design, very much in fashion with a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Every ALUMIL door and window has clear, minimal lines to reduce visible sight lines.

The UK market remains relatively new for the company. Their bifolding and sliding doors, aluminium pivot doors and curtain walling systems are excellent in their engineering, design, technical specifications and overall product capability.

The Alumil Aluminium Product Range

For houses, ALUMIL provides a complete range of windows and doors.  The range of products is extensive, having several versions of the core system.  There are multiple sliding door systems, several hinged windows and doors products as well as one of the slimmest bifolding doors on the market.

Every ALUMIL window and door comes with the latest thermal-break technology as well as premium locking systems and furniture. A suite of contemporary windows and doors with beautiful aesthetics and excellent functionality.

ALUMIL has over 65 aluminium products as well as building materials, cladding and complementary systems. The Aluminium Aluminium range includes:


For aluminium windows, ALUMIL offers several different models, the most popular being the Alumil S77 and S77 PHOS.

In addition to casement windows is a full range of tilt and turn windows, hybrid windows with wood and aluminium, Passivhaus windows and slimline products. Also available are non-insulated windows for internal applications as well as minimal casement windows with a hidden opening vent.

Sliding patio doors.

Eleven different sliding patio doors make up the Alumil Aluminium sliding as well as lift and slide range. From conventional sliding doors to the latest minimalist and frameless sliding doors all designed for residential property. There are even tilt and slide systems and automatic sliding doors in the range.

The full range of sliding patio doors from Alumil offers solutions both for new openings or where new doors intend to replace old pvcu, aluminium or timber sliding doors.

Bifolding Doors.

Three different bifolding door systems from ALUMIL, meet the needs of both residential and commercial projects.

Bifolding doors include the latest SF85 with thin meeting stiles and impressive size capability. The M19800 is a top hung system, non-insulated for internal applications or outside spaces not requiring thermal performance. The M9800 folding sliding door is also non-insulated for commercial environments and outside areas such as swimming pool enclosures.

Front Doors and Entrance Doors.

Thirteen different entrance door products, meet virtually every type of project requirement.  Front doors are a particular speciality of Alumil.  For instance, the SUPREME range has the SD77 glazed entrance door. Contemporary aluminium front doors are served by the SD95 with aluminium or glass panels.

The SD115 Alumil Front door is the latest ultra-contemporary front door with a pivot action.  By far the best feature of the SD115 is the capability for exceptionally large doors.

  • Windows and Doors.
  • Front doors and Entrance Doors.
  • Curtain Walling and Atriums
  • Shading systems, such as Pergolas.
  • Railings and Fences and internal partitions.
  • Wall Cladding and Building Materials.

Finally, ALUMIL exhibits its sophisticated range of aluminium windows and doors on a global scale in primary glass and building exhibitions all over the world.

alumil supreme partner network
The ALUMIL SUPREME Partner Network offers ultra-premium aluminium systems for the discerning customer.
alumil aluminium sliding doors
Alumil sliding doors are especially sought-after and some of the best-engineered doors on the market.
alumil front door

The ALUMIL SUPREME Partner Network.

A special resource for fabricators and installers looking to sell high specification products for the high-end or premium market. The ALUMIL SUPREME Partner Network offers top-of-the-line glazing systems for the professional window company and discerning end user.

The Systems Company supports any network partner with products, expertise, training and marketing support. From premium aluminium windows to sliding and folding doors as well as front doors. Every product in the SUPREME range offers internationally certified glazing systems of the highest quality.  ALUMIL’s SUPREME range feature in some prominent buildings such as Google’s offices, high-end homes and other major projects.

As well as luxury aluminium windows and doors, SUPREME partners benefit from extensive marking, production tooling and ongoing sales support. Also available is specialist training either online or in-house.

Therefore, making or selling ALUMIL SUPREME systems, offers extra opportunities, thanks to an enhanced service and support network, designed to secure better contracts and increased sales.

How and where to buy ALUMIL aluminium windows and doors.

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For homeowners, Alumil products are available through a small network of quality manufacturers and you can get in touch for more information.

The trade can access Alumil products via the trade route and those fabricators offering a supply only service.