LPS1175 Security Doors

The LPS1175 (SR2) commercial door is the highest performing and ultra-secure commercial door available in the marketplace today. The GT55 NI Commercial Door is from Aluk.

It offers the very latest in security door performance and specification tested to the BRE LPS1175 Security Rating 2 standard.  This exceptional commercial door system provides unbeatable resistance to intruder attack by combining the inherent strength and durability of aluminium complemented by the very latest in security hardware.

dda compliant commercial doors

LPS 1175 commercial doors offer unique and bespoke security features, ultra secure, specialist glazing, structurally enhanced door framing and client peace of mind.

It’s available as either a fully glazed swing door or with midrails, varying bottom rail sections and compatible with the suite of GT55 ground  floor framing system.

Although this product will largely be used without any additional framing it is nonetheless suitable for many applications where security and protection are paramount.

lps1175 beaufort test rig

Schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and medical units, high-value retail buildings, high street betting shops, hotels and restaurants and secure storage buildings.  These are just some of the applications where the Aluk GT55 NI Commercial Door would be ideal.

The LPS commercial door is the first and only fully accredited Security Rating 2 aluminium door set currently available in the marketplace.  LPS 1175 has become the minimum door performance requirement for secure external doors.

This standard has been detailed in Secured by Design for Schools Guidance Document. All doors under this standard have been tested with full glazing without the use of midrails or steel reinforced panels – a testament to the high security this door provides.

The frame section is 55x1100mm, door stiles are 61 and 97mm  and 85mm wide.  Top rails are 85mm, bottom rails are 120mm for the standard bottom rail and 180mm for the deep bottom rail section.  Midrails are 106mm and 166mm respectively.

Additionally, this high performance door is Secured by Design, DDA Compliant and can be glazed with 32mm acoustic glass.

If you are looking to target this specialist market with the most secure commercial door on the market, please contact us for further information.