Aluk commercial systems

Offering a complete product solution for public, high-traffic and general buildings, Aluk commercial systems are extensively specified by architects, building designers and glazing professionals. Aluk commercial systems provide a comprehensive range of products, designed to meet building specifications, provide long service life and provide pleasing aesthetics.

Information about Aluk commercial systems

aluk commercial systems used in a cheltenham office building

The range of products from AluK is designed for the demands of the commercial sector where reliable, high-performance and functional glazing is part of the building specification. Security, energy efficiency, acoustics and weather performance are just specifications architects seek when choosing the right windows and doors.

The product range offers large opening vents, structural façades, oversize doors and windows and large expanse glazing where required. These high specification products provide solutions suited to both low level and high rise applications.

Aluk understands the specification market as well as having the internal structure to design, extrude and coat, high quality extrusions, fabricated by its expert manufacturing partners or manufactured and installed by commercial glazing contractors. From the initial concept to project installation, Aluk is well placed as a leading systems company to help support the entire project.

Operating from their substantial South Wales facility and serving the UK market, Aluk commercial systems are supported further through CPD Seminars, RIBA Plan of Work and general assistance in getting the right specification from the glazing elements.

The Aluk commercial systems product range

The AluK range encompasses a variety of thermally enhanced commercial window, door, screening and facade products that gives you the flexibility to create impressive, functional and high-performance architectural fenestration.

Aluk Curtain Walling

two systems, depending on the aesthetics required or the structural design. Both are designed to withstand the demands of external building elevations as well as being certified to the latest curtain walling design and testing.

aluk commercial systems showing white curtain walling in office block

Aluk SL52 Curtain Walling is a conventional capped system, constructed in the ladder method and easily assembled on site. Suitable for low and medium-rise applications. It comes with a variety of mullions to suit the span and loading, all with slim 50mm dimensions to the mullions and transoms.

Available up to 50mm thick triple glazed and integrating fully with the entire Aluk windows and doors range.

close up of structurally bonded glass facade on office building

Also part of the Aluk commercial systems range, SG52 is a more advanced structurally bonded curtain walling system designed to prove a near all-glass appearance externally.

It also comes in a full range of designs, including curved or angled and with a range of inset windows and doors for ventilation.

Aluk Aluminium Windows.

Available within the Aluk commercial systems window range are seven variants. Each of these offers class-leading levels of insulation, acoustics, weather protection and low U-Values. Aluk commercial windows suit commercial developments of dwellings, office buildings, schools, hospitals, retail buildings and more. Also recently introduced and suitable for residential or commercial is C70s. The new C70S is slimmer, more modern and easily meets the new Document-L of Building Regulations,  U-Value requirements from June 2022.

aluk grey aluminium windows and doors in new flats

The Optio 58BW range of windows comprises casement opening, tilt and turn windows and steel look glazing. These are mainly residential windows but are adaptable for commercial use. 

For high-level windows, Aluk Optio TSR top-swing-reversible windows provide easy cleaning with optimum security and safety in use. 

The 77IW and IWE range of windows come in open in or out variants with enhanced insulation and even better U-Values.

Aluk Ground Floor Framing Systems

For years, Aluk Ground Floor Framing Systems meet the requirements of shops, schools, commercial buildings and anywhere needing reliable, safe, secure and quality-made doors, also meeting the needs of Building Regulations, such as BS8300, Approved Document M or Equality Act.

aluk commercial systems in a cheltenham church entrance

Aluk GT55 TB commercial door is a cutting-edge door system providing a high security rated entrance door in centre hung, anti-finger trap and rebated designs. It also comes with a substantial range of handles and hardware for accessibility, access control and safe egress.

The GT55NI model offers similar features with non-insulated profiles. Both products come with suitable framing for side or top panels and shopfronts.

More information and where to buy Aluk commercial systems

Aluk commercial systems are available for installers to buy direct or via the supply and installation route. You can get in touch for details of where to buy the entire range of Aluk products.