Aluco steel-look interior doors

Aluco steel-look interior doors are an aluminium alternative to steel-doors giving an Art-Deco, Heritage, Industrial or Scandi-style. Made in the UK and available nationwide, these classic yet contemporary interior glazed doors are bespoke, distinctive and practical.

aluco steel-look interior doors to a bedroom

Aluco steel-look interior doors explained

The interior door by Aluco is part of the broader steel-look collection, made in the UK by Aluco Aluminium Ltd, these products come expertly made-to-order and with a substantial range of colours, personalisation and hardware options.

Steel-look glazing for the home for exterior doors offers sliding, hinged and bifolding options as well as windows. Aluco steel-look interior doors are a system specifically designed for use inside the home where other brands use exterior grade products. As a result, these doors provide Crittall® look interior doors taking design inspiration from the genuine steel-products such as the Innervision or Homelight range.

What you get with the Aluco product is an aluminium version with its own style and incredible attention to detail. It’s not a steel product neither does it pretend to be. Instead, Aluco products take inspiration from original steel with their own unique look. Above all, these products deliver the on-trend look of heritage and modernist glazing. The quality, look and feel of Aluco is very much high-end architectural glazing for interior doors.

Sizes and designs available with Aluco interior doors

With this range of steel-styled doors are single or double doors. These are also available with matching side or top panels.

Single Doors:

  • Minimum width 600mm
  • Minimum height 1500mm
  • Maximum width 1000mm
  • Maximum height 2300mm

Double Doors:

  • Minimum width 1200mm
  • Minimum height 1500mm
  • Maximum width 1900mm
  • Maximum height 2300mm

Where to use Aluco interior steel-look doors

These fully functional internal door provide all manner of solutions inside the home. Typical and popular uses include:

  • Double doors with or without sidelights as room dividers or partition doors
  • Creating separate living or dining rooms
  • Dividing a hallway and creating an internal porch
  • Single or double doors to bedrooms
  • Single doors to bathrooms offering locking and privacy
aluco steel-look interior doors between a kitchen and lounge

Getting the Crittall® look with Aluco steel-look interior doors

There are several differences between aluminium and steel doors and windows. Of course, only the genuine steel product provides exactly the right styling, sightlines and feel. Aluco doors provide an aluminium alternative whilst still taking inspiration from the genuine product. Just like steel, aluminium provides long service life, low maintenance and substantial colour choices.

At the same time, Aluco steel-look internal doors come with the signature design details of classic steel doors. These include:

  • The iconic steel look using slimline glazing bars for the grid-like appearance
  • Unique floating lock design or standard thicker plate behind locks and handles
  • Seamless flow between rooms and flush floors with no threshold
  • Distinctive traditional or contemporary door handles and accessories
  • The signature black finish or a choice of any other colour

Key design features of Aluco doors

The significant design differences between Aluco doors and other steel-look brands come about because this is a fit-for-purpose internal door product. Other brands use exterior grade doors. Whilst these also work well, they come with features not needed internally.

As a result, Aluco aluminium doors come with several design features and benefits, Crittall look interior doors similarity as well as providing the required door functionality.

Improved Crittall look interior doors

Exterior-grade steel-look doors come with a thermal break. Thermal breaks aren’t required inside the home. Aluco doors use solid and multi-chambered profiles. The benefit is a slimmer product front to back. Moreover, opening the doors reveals a clean and neat finish on the inside of the frame profile. There’s no visible thermal break of exterior doors.

Crucially, the overall aesthetics are neater, sleeker and more elegant.  A 52mm slim outer frame, 37mm or 20mm glazing bars, full sealing and structural couplers designed to look neat inside the room.

The benefit of single glass with an Aluco door or screen

Again as a purpose-designed interior system, Aluco doors come with a single glazed option. It’s incredibly hard to find single glazed aluminium products since around 2000. Following the change in Building Regulations and improvements to U-Values and Window Energy Ratings, pretty much all single glazed options for aluminium are discontinued. 

Interior doors generally don’t require double glazing. With this in mind, single glazing provides additional aesthetic benefits over a double glazed door.

  • A significantly better looking product all round
  • You don’t see the glass spacer bars of exterior quality doors
  • The glazing method is neater than exterior doors
  • The glass to metal junction throughout the door is significantly more attractive using a square glazing bead. 

Giving the required style typical of classic period metal doors are substantial glass options including reeded glass, sandblasted, obscure or clear.

Better locks and hardware for interior doors

As you do your research around steel-look interior doors, the small details matter. Most interior doors between your rooms don’t need a lock. And most other interior aluminium-steel-look doors give you one. 

As exterior-grade doors, the system comes designed for a multi-point lock facility with additional key locking. With an Aluco interior door system, you get the familiar latch lock of internal doors enhanced by an extensive range of contemporary or period furniture. There’s a bathroom latch and deadbolt option keeping the door tight and secure and of course, the privacy expected with a bathroom door. Other lock options include a latch only or latch and cylinder.

All of the hardware, again inspired by Crittall look interior doors, creates an authentic product in style and functionality. The handle options include a one-piece handle with back plate, a circular backplate with separate escutcheon and finger bolts security the secondary leaf of double doors.

Product Guarantees and Testing

Aluco products come with a specific installation guarantee provided by the Approved Aluco Dealer. The products also come with a ten-year guarantee on locks, hardware, aluminium profiles and the powder coated finish.

The internal finish of handles is also guaranteed and suitable fire testing certification on the lock bodies, subject to application and installation.

crittall look interior doors

Where to buy Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors

Aluco Aluminium products are available nationwide through a quality dealer network specialising in aluminium and steel-look glazing for the home.

Crittall® is a registered trademark of Crittall Windows Limited which is unconnected to the Aluminium Trade Supply Website.