Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors

Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors are designed for inside the home, creating Crittall® look movable doors in aluminium. These on-trend internal sliding and doors create a classic Art-Deco finish taking inspiration from classic metal doors, contemporary and industrial glazing.

aluco interior steel-look sliding doors in a hallway

Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors explained

Made in the UK by Aluco Aluminium Ltd and designed for dividing two rooms, or creating distinctive moveable doors in the home. Aluco interior doors deliver Crittall® look sliding doors in aluminium.

Slimline coloured aluminium profiles, combine with single safety glass in clear or obscure designs. Purely for internal use, the narrow sightlines and overall aesthetic allow light to flow between the rooms whilst at the same time giving the desirable Heritage, Art-Deco or Scandi-style look.

As sliding doors, these steel-look sliding partitions slide within their own track, also saving space compared to steel-look hinged doors or interior bifolding doors.

Sizes and Designs available with Aluco interior sliding doors

Sliding doors come as as single or double sliding doors with or without matching side panels.

Sizes available are:

  • Minimum width 900mm
  • Minimum height 1500mm
  • Maximum width 3500mm
  • Maximum height 2300mm

How you can use interior sliding doors

The current trend for slimline and contemporary glazing also now extends to inside the home. Glass and coloured metal, frameless doors as well as the minimalist look are all areas where aluminium and steel products excel.

Aluco’s interior sliding doors in the steel-look suit interior spaces such as:

  • Dividing two separate rooms, living room to kitchen or living to dining spaces
  • Allowing more flexible use such as closing off an area for privacy as a partition
  • Suitable as doors to specific rooms in place of regular hinged doors and saving space
  • An aluminium alternative giving the desirable steel look inside the home

Key Features of Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors

Getting the authentic steel-look inside the home for sliding doors is one area where the Aluco product excels.

In aluminium, most providers of interior sliding doors provide exterior products. Therefore, these doors come with some features not required internally as well as compromises. Aluco interior sliding doors offer the following features and advantages over and above exterior doors.

Better-looking, slimmer interior steel-look sliding doors

Being internal doors, Aluco sliders don’t come with double glazed units or insulated aluminium profiles. Therefore, these come as a slimmer product front to back, as well as better aesthetics at the glass line.

Thermal insulation isn’t required internally. The doors are lighter and there’s no visible ‘thermal break’ on the inside face of the profiles. As a result, the doors look significantly better when open and looking at the exposed aluminium profile.

The use of single toughened or laminated safety glass also means neater and more attractive glass edges. Double glazed units result in a visible plastic or metal spacer bar around the glass perimeter. This again would spoil the minimal and clean lines of a sliding door intended for interior use.

Getting the steel-look with authentic and consistent sightlines

As well as the 150mm wide lock body, Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors also come with a matching 150mm deep bottom rail.

Where a sliding door comes with matching side panels, all the transoms line through and lines are consistent around the perimeter of the door set

crittall look sliding doors

A flush floor between rooms with no visible threshold

Being a purpose-designed interior door and not an external-grade slider used internally, Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors come with no visible track or threshold at the floor level. Not only does this give a seamless and clear floor but also Crittall look sliding doors. The genuine steel product also has this desirable feature.

Whilst it’s possible to set an exterior door track down into the floor, this involves additional building work and not always suitable for existing rooms and floors.

Exterior grade doors take all the weight at the bottom with rollers and a track. Interior doors such as this hang from the top using a one-piece head track.

The exact hardware and functionality of interior steel-look sliding doors

Where exterior grade sliding doors used internally come with pull handles and multi-point locking systems, these doors deliver a Crittall look sliding door using similar design hues and features.

First of all is the flush recessed handle design. The benefit is a seamless and elegant look with the familiar styling of the steel product.

Then is the similar slimline 20mm or 37mm transom option depending on the requirement and overall look.

Finally comes a soft-close option for the doors, ensuring a slow and precise final closing action as well as an always-smooth operation.

The door pulls come in a rectangular recessed style and flush-fitting, also available in Satin Chrome, Antique Brass, Black or special colour to order.

Product Guarantees and Testing

Aluco products come with a specific installation guarantee provided by the Approved Aluco Dealer. The products also come with a ten-year guarantee on:

  • Locks and hardware
  • The aluminium profiles and paint finish
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Fire-testing on suitable locks

How to get Crittall® look sliding doors in the home

For anyone wanting the on-trend and highly sought after authentic Crittall-look, only the genuine Crittall steel product is suitable. The original steel sliding door version, such as the Innervision product, provides the exact aesthetics, material and signature design details.

The Aluco product in aluminium provides a similar, but not exact look and feel at a more affordable price point.

Some of the key features where Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors provide signature design details in the style of the original steel product include:

  • The familiar grid-like appearance with horizontal glazing bars
  • Face-mounted, pocket and rebated sliding door options
  • Single or double door sets
  • Recessed flush door pulls with the steel-inspired lock backplate
  • A substantial choice of colours
crittall look sliding doors using aluco

Where to buy Aluco interior steel-look sliding doors

Aluco Aluminium products are available nationwide through a quality dealer network specialising in aluminium and steel-look glazing for the home.

Crittall® is a registered trademark of Crittall Windows Limited which is unconnected to the Aluminium Trade Supply Website.