Features of aïr doors and windows

The features of aïr doors and windows cover manufacturing, performance, reliability and functionality. In this article, we bring all the system features together for each type of aïr product.  Above all these design features ad benefits explain why the aïr brand is a high-end collection of products for the prestige installer and quality conscious homeowner.

Explaining the features of aïr doors and windows

First of all, a summary of the products available under the aïr brand.

  • Bifolding Doors
  • Three types of sliding patio doors
  • Front Doors
  • Six different types of aluminium windows.
  • Heritage and steel-look doors

All air doors and windows come with premium aluminium extrusions with an advanced thermal break, insulating the profile.  The aluminium profiles come with a high-end powder-coated finish and also offer additional protection against marks, scratches and abrasion.

The products, combined with quality and good specification glass units also offer optimum levels of security, thermal performance and overall aesthetics.

Some features of air doors and windows are shared across all the different products. You can only buy these products through a carefully selected dealer network.

25-year guarantee

The long warranty you get with aïr doors and windows is market-leading and no other product comes with a 25-year warranty. This guarantee is possible thanks to the engineering, quality of hardware and precision manufacturing. As one example. aïr folding doors are cycle tested to 50000 open and closing cycles. As a result, these tests equate to doors opening and closing every other day for 277 years.

Exclusive manufacturer

The best brands on the market are generally only made by one company. aïr products are part of an elite group made only by the company that makes them. Other similar high-end brands include Solarlux, Reynaers, Centor, Sunflex, Dutemann and Sunparadise all comparable with this brand as premium systems.

The advantage of a sole manufacturer is always consistent quality, stricter quality control, greater product support and always a longer product warranty.

Low threshold option with a weather rating.

aïr doors offer a weather rating on the low threshold where several door brands recommend only internal use with their low thresholds.

Luxurious designer handles, individual to aïr Doors.

Air doors come with a range of premium quality door handles available in a total of 8 different colours and three different collections, Standard, Luxury and Serenity.

Serenity handles come with non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable properties.

High Quality powder coated finishes and colour options.

Air bifolding doors come as standard with a marine-grade polyester powder coating as standard. The overall thickness of the paint is more than other standard powder coated finishes (60 microns instead of the typical 40 microns).

Finally, a range of easy-clean textured paint finishes comes in a wide range of RAL colours. These are also more durable and scratch-resistant than standard paint finishes.

features of aïr doors and windows

aïr 800 bifolding doors

The aïr 800 folding sliding door is one of the slimmest on the market and comes with extreme engineering, performance and expert craftsmanship.  With door sets up to 12m wide and substantial customisation options, aïr bifolding doors provide solutions for replacing existing patio doors and integrating into a new extension. Some key features of aïr bifolding doors include:

  • Door panel sizes of 1.2m wide and up to 3 metres high for bigger doors, more glass and less visible aluminium.
  • Bifolding door mullions sizes of 122mm making these one of the slimmest bifolds on the market. Frame sizes start at 108mm.
  • Engineered with the latest technology, such as Teflon® coating to the seals and advanced stainless steel components.
  • Superior durability colour finishes also textured and dirt-resistant.
  • Severe weather rating and burglar resistant with independent security tests.
  • Matching single and double door sets
features of aïr doors and windows

Air lift and slide doors

The expertly-made and high-end range of aïr lift and slide doors come in three product versions. aïr 20 is the ultra-slim, inline sliding model with a 20mm interlock. The 500LS is based on a single track design in two or four panels with the moving panel slides behind a fixed pane. Choosing the aïr 600LS gives the choice of double or triple tracks and flexible configurations up to six panels.

  • Effortless, light, quiet and smooth sliding action even with the heaviest or largest doors
  • Door sizes of up to 2.5m wide and 2.7m high
  • Open corner solution or doors sliding into a wall
  • Low or integrated threshold with a flush floor detail
  • Highly engineered for the best weather performance, high security and long service life
features of air doors and windows

aïr MOD aluminium windows

Designed as a cutting-edge, premium aluminium window suite, aïr MOD aluminium windows come in several different variants to suit all types of project requirements. The MOD series also offers solutions for both replacement windows, new build, enhanced functionality and the latest steel look systems.

The entire collection includes externally or internally beaded windows, tilt and turn windows, flush casement windows, Heritage or Steel-Look and even a first-to-the-market steel-look system with a flush sash.

  • Excellent weather performance and certified security to PAS24 and Document Q for new homes using a high security reverse espagnolette lock
  • A fully integrated system offering several styles all with a common set of profiles
  • Multi-functional products all within one series also with universal sections and components
  • All the authentic design features in steel look windows such as monkey tail or pear-drop window handles
bifolding doors for apartments.

air doors and windows colours and finish

Quality bifolding and sliding doors are painted with a powder coating process. The advantage of powder coating is the vast availability of colour. It is also a painting process that provides durability and protection to the finished aluminium doors. One of the key features of aïr doors and windows is the extra durability of the painted surface.

  • aïr doors come with 60 microns typical thickness whereas the industry standard is only 40 microns.
  • Longer life expectancy and a more durable paint finish in over 150 different colour options.
  • Textured options offers even more protection with a tactile rougher surface finish.
  • Only applied to strict industry standards and stringent quality checks

More information about aïr doors and windows

The aïr system of windows and doors is available to installers in the South of England looking to add a high-end product to their range, with significant sales, technical and business support from the manufacturers. 

Homeowners looking for some of the best in upper-tier aluminium windows and doors can also get further information and view the products. 

Contact us for further information on the Aïr premium aluminium doors.