Decalu Aluminium by Deceuninck

Deceuninck already enjoys an excellent reputation in the UK and Europe with their range of PVCu windows and doors. New to the UK is the Decalu Aluminium range based on the already successful European Systems. In this article, we give an overview of what you can expect with Decalu Aluminium by Deceuninck.

decalu aluminium windows

Information about Decalu Aluminium by Deceuninck

Deceuninck is a long-established company with operations in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Better known for PVCu products in the UK, the Decalu aluminium system has been in Europe since 2017. Multiple production sites, extensive warehousing and distribution centres place the company very well to serve both existing and emerging markets.

With Decalu, the company introduced the system, meeting the current demand for aluminium products. In fact, aluminium sits very well alongside the entire product range. In researching the system we found a lot of window companies all over Europe promoting Decalu and marketing the system very favourably.

There is also what we see as changing trends in windows and doors generally. Our view is that windows will move towards even more insulation and performance. Other than going to higher-performance glass or triple glazing, one way of achieving this is through hybrid windows. These embrace a combination of materials with aluminium.

In the Decalu aluminium system, Deceuninck doesn’t use the conventional thermal break of other systems. The company is using its expertise behind its PVCu product with a visible European slant on the aluminium products. They’re quite different in design too. And we think the will certainly appeal in the UK market too.

Moving to aluminium in the UK is also a logical step. A healthy market, an established system and the backing of the systems company. And with plastics being an integral part of the company, why not integrate these into aluminium profiles providing better U-Values too.

deceuninck decalu aluminium windows

Deceuninck Aluminium Windows Collection.

For the window manufacturer, this Decalu comes with several features designed to simply fabrication and stockholding. Press releases state that dual colour and marine-grade powder coating is to be standard. Very cleverly, Deceuninck has also designed a system that long-standing PVCu fabricators can easily integrate with familiar manufacturing techniques they already use in producing PVCu. An example of this is retaining the PVC-U Eurogroove using the same gearing and hardware.

The obvious benefit is less factory disruption and a more seamless transition for those looking to start making the system. Of course, they’ll also be dealing with a systems company they’re already familiar with.

Other features of the Decalu System.

Deceuninck also says that the system will come with features as standard offering a little more than you get with the current crop of systems like Aluk, Smarts, Origin, Schuco, Reynaers and others. Here are just some of them.

  • Casement windows, residential doors, sliding doors and bifolding doors within one system.
  • Colour matching to the current Deceuninck Colorways
  • The ability to sell both PVCu and aluminium products from one system – ideal where bifolds and sliders remain more popular in aluminium.
  • Pre-inserted gaskets without the shrinkage associated with conventional manual methods of insertion.
  • Enhancements designed to offer fabricators savings on production costs and improved margins.

Types of Decalu Aluminium Windows

The aluminium windows series comprises Decalu 88, Decalu 94, Decalu 110. In this range, you’ll find several window options meeting most homeowner or trade requirements for aluminium windows.

The Decalu 88 series provides flush casement top hung or side hung windows. These also provide desirable sightlines that will appeal to both traditional or modern houses, thanks to their even looks and seamless lines. They come with a familiar open out casement with a square bead, groove on the inside and overlapping casement on the outside.

Also available is the hidden sash design that’s hidden entirely behind the frame. This excellent feature creates ultra-modern looking windows with added architectural appeal and a sleeker overall appearance.

Those looking for steel-look windows have the option of two options in the Decalu 110 and Steel look 88. The frame depth match in millimetres the system name. One offers a similar look to the W20 series with a picture frame detail. The other has a more profiled, industrial look. Ideal for modern extensions, old building renovations and other applications without losing the architectural appeal of the building. choosing the Decalu88 slimline version promises a window with reduced sightlines.

There is also a hidden sash design. Choosing the hidden sash model provides the benefit of one sightline throughout, irrespective of whether the window has fixed or opening elements. Few aluminium systems in the UK have this option. Furthermore, we think will appeal to many for its flush look without the obvious sightline where the window opens.

The Decalu 88 hidden sash looks neat, seamless and flush viewed from the outside with the opening light sitting behind an additional profile. The hidden sash window is slightly deeper at 94mm where most other windows come at 83mm. That said, you get very good thermal insulation and acoustics in double or triple glazing. The water-resistance of the window is also excellent at 2250Pa.

Hidden hinges and invisible gasket lines are also nice features of this window.

Finally, the Decalu 94 retro has a similar external appearance to wood windows. Here you get a sculptured look around the window perimeter and a neat groove separating the frame and the sash.

The Deceuninck collection of residential doors.

Also in the Decalu 88 range are residential single and double doors. These provide a flush-mounted design, low threshold options and suitable for both modern projects or traditional houses. The doors come as fully glazed or combined with plain or decorative aluminium panels.

For bifolding doors, Decalu88 bifolds come in multiple configurations. Choose opening in or out, with standard or low thresholds and the option of triple glazing. The sightlines are square, appealing to the wider market.

Sliding doors in the Deceuninck Decalu163 suite provide lift and slide patio doors with strength and reliability. Decalu163 also comes at reduced sizes creating horizontal sliding windows.

More information about Deceuninck Decalu Aluminium

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