New Comar 5P.i Advanced Aluminium Windows.

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Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems has enhanced its suite of thermally efficient casement and tilt & turn products with their new Comar 5P.i Advanced Aluminium Windows.   The improved aluminium window system provides better integration across the broader Comar range and especially with their leading framing and curtain walling, the Comar 9P.i framing system.

new comar 5p.i advanced aluminium windows.


New Comar 5P.i Advanced Aluminium Windows.

Architects and specifiers can now enjoy even more thermal performance, security and weather resistance across the range of Comar aluminium framing systems, windows and doors.

The Comar 5P.i Aluminium Windows provide specifiers, architects and end-user clients all the benefits of cost saving, easier fabrication and better specification with their integrated frame profiles now working with the Comar 9P.i framing system.

The Comar 9P.i framing system is widely used in commercial buildings thanks to its mitre or ladder frame construction.  It is highly weather resistant with excellent Pascal ratings.  Comar 9P.i already integrates with other Comar aluminium windows and doors and now it accepts the new Comar 5P.i Advanced aluminium windows.

Integration with systems such as the Comar 9P.i means that the sashes, whether casement or tilt and tun can now hang directly from the framing system rather than requiring their own outer frame, such as a fully inset window.  This provides cost savings especially as fewer aluminium profiles are required.

Features of the New Comar 5P.i Advanced Aluminium Windows.

  • Uses the latest thermal break technology to meet lower U-Values.
  • Available as a casement or tilt and turn system.
  • Glazing rebate will accept 17mm – 62mm units as well as insulated panels.
  • Testing to BS 6375,  750Pa Water Tightness, 600Pa Air Tightness  and 2000Pa Wind Resistance.
  • PAS 24:2012

The thermal break technology in the New Comar Advanced Aluminium Windows enables future-proofing to meet future Building Regulations and thermal performance requirements.  Comar’s incorporation of the 9P.i technology into their new window suite allows the creation of curtain walling, ribbon windows or stand-alone aluminium windows.

Why create a new suite of aluminium windows.

To meet the requirements of more demanding and energy-saving buildings, aluminium windows must now have even better thermal performance and meet the requirements of more complex designs.  Any new aluminium window must also be capable of accepting higher performance glass as well as offer slim sight lines.

The New Comar 5P.i Advanced Aluminium Windows range offers a deep glazing rebate up to 62mm allowing triple glazing, acoustic glass and high performance panels to be easily glazed within the system. Added to this is the familiar way Comar designs all its products to be fabricator and installer friendly.

Look out for more new products from Comar.

Comar is celebrating 50 years as one of the UK’s leading aluminium systems companies.  The new Comar aluminium window is one of several new products we can expect to see from this independent and service-led systems company.

We have seen the launch of Comar’s Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling suite offering big glazing ranges and a big choice of mullions and transoms. as well as the highest Ixx and Iyy values in the industry.  There is also a new Comar 6EFT Unitised system as well.  The Comar 10 Passivhaus Window is another new product offering U‐values as low as 0.66 Wm2K.

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