Comparing Warmcore and Alufold bifolding doors

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Aluhaus of Nottingham manufactures Alufold bifolding doors, a re-engineered version of Warmcore.  In this article, we take a look at the differences between a standard Warmcore door and the Alufold door, marketed as one of the better bifolding doors currently available.

The Warmcore system offers a different design approach to other bifolding doors. At the heart of WarmCore is the concept of ‘warm aluminium’ brought about by a thermal core that is unlike the polyamide cores found on other bifolding doors.

Warmcore bifolding doors are available through a network of aluminium fabricators all over the UK.

How we review Warmcore and Alufold bifolding doors.

alufold bifolding doors in white paint.
Aluhaus has re-engineered the Warmcore system to create Alufold with many unique features and advantages.

Both products use the standard Warmcore extrusions produced by Synseal Extrusions. Warmcore is available with four different profile choices.

Aluhaus take the standard Warmcore extrusions and apply different manufacturing methods and various alternative components. The technical and cosmetic changes found on Alufold are also unique amongst other aluminium bifolds, not just the Warmcore system.

Unlike the standard Warmcore product, Aluhaus only offer one profile choice, not four.

In creating this comparison between Alufold and the standard Warmcore bifolding door, we have focused on the hardware, manufacturing and technical enhancements of the two products.

Alufold Bifolding Doors Key Feature.

Aside from the technical, hardware and other features of Alufold, one of the major differences is how it is supplied. Manufacturers such as Origin, Everglade with their air sliding and folding doors, Sunfold, Sunflex and others, market their doors as only made by one company.

Aluhaus also offers the same to their installer customers. Alufold dealers can sell their doors as a bifolding door made by one company and not by many different fabricators.

For balance, it is right to mention that many different manufacturers all over the country provide a vast number of fabricated bifolding doors in the same system. This is how the supply chain for fabricated aluminium works and has done so for decades. Nonetheless, the positive message to homeowners that they know precisely who has made their bifolding doors cannot be ignored. It is a sales message that has been of immense benefit to installers and fabricators that make their own brand of doors and nobody else.

Are Warmcore and Alufold that different?

Yes. We like Warmcore bifolding doors and have always thought them a great product since we reviewed them when they first came to market. Synseal also launched their Warmcore sliding door at the FiT Show in May 2017 and this too looks well designed and executed.

While Alufold uses the same Warmcore suite of extrusions, the company does provide a Warmcore bifolding door with many different features. This does not imply that the Synseal Warmcore is in any way inferior, merely different. It is evident Aluhaus has looked at what key features consumers wanted from a bifold and incorporated them into their version of Warmcore.

From the hardware options to the exact RAL colour matching, unique partnership arrangements with some key component suppliers and even having a 1250mm wide door leaf all make Alufold markedly different from (the already good) Warmcore door.

 Alufold Bifolding Doors by AluhausWarmcore Bifolding Doors
AvailabilityExclusively made by AluhausAvailable through aluminium manufacturers.
Aesthetic appearancePencil Round Stnd, Flat, Chamfered, DecorativeFlat, Chamfered, Pencil Round, Decorative
Low Threshold OptionYes with severe weather rating.Yes no weathering
Colour matched sealsYesNo
Door Sight Line147mm156mm
Traffic Handle LatchDedicated male and female latchMagnets
Security8-Point Secured by Design with Premium 3* Security Cylinders as standard8-Point Secured by Design
Single and French door optionYesYes
Gable and Shaped Frames optionYesOn application
Premium Entrance Aluminium Doors with ‘Slam-Lock & D-Bar Handle’YesNo
Maximum Leaf width1250mm1000mm
Maximum Door widthNot limited flat-pack availible6000mm
Anti-finger trapYesYes
Paint Thickness80 microns, marine upgrade availableStandard
Premium colour availabilityYesNo
Standard colour availabilityYesYes
Textured Powder Coated FinishYesNo.
SealsQ-Lon unique RAL matched to AlufoldStandard black gaskets and seals
Double Glazed U Value1.4Wm2K1.4Wm2K
Welded CornersYesNo
Premium hardware optionYesNo
Colour matched door hardwareYesNo
Hafi Traffic Handle upgradeYesNo
Mitred outer frameYesNo
Anti Rack and SafetrackYesNo
Alufold Dealer OpportunitiesYesNo

If you have any questions about Alufold or Warmcore or require further information, please contact us.