Alumina bifolding door features for installers and homeowners

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The Alumina bifolding door features are numerous, making Liniar’s aluminium bifold different from other brands in several areas.  What is it making Alumina different from other aluminium systems? In this article, we take an in-depth look at how Alumina benefits both installers and homeowners.

alumina bifolding door features

Alumina bifolding door features.

Our in-depth review of the Alumina bifolding door takes an objective view of the product.  We do this through seeing the doors, talking to installers and studying the product technical manuals.

Bifolding doors in the current market all possess features and benefits to appeal to the quality-conscious customer. These features also must appeal to the trade installers. A product appealing to the trade means installers want it in their showrooms.  The more a product is visible to the public, the better.

Often what you see in a showroom is not just down to a good product.  The trade relies on good systems companies and excellent trade manufacturers and supplies.  A good reliable service passes down to homeowners through reliable lead times and dependable products. Installers want reliable, easy-to-fit doors that work.

There is no absolute best bifolding door.  However, there are products deserving credit for their manufacturing, specifications, aesthetics and options.

Reasons for installers to consider Alumina Doors.

When a company considers selling more than one brand of bifold, this is to highlight product differences rather than making one door appear better than the other. For example, many installers sell a cost-effective brand alongside a premium brand.  Others sell a standard bifold next to a slimline door.  Furthermore, some choose one brand available at a very fast lead time next to one taking longer to supply.

Alumina bifolding door features, provide benefits for installers and potentially an alternative sales proposition.

Alumina Features for Installers
Feature Consideration
A Liniar Brand One of the best-known brands of windows and doors
Reliable Supply Alumina available direct from Liniar or trade suppliers
Matches Liniar PVCu products All the benefits of an aluminium bifold with Liniar windows
A foiled aluminium bifold. The benefits of foils and aluminium combined
Weather-rated low threshold. No more advising internal use only or no-weather rating
Single point of guarantee. A complete suite of windows and doors under one brand
Matching Liniar Accessories Colour matched trims, architraves and window boards.
Woodgrain aluminium bifold Suits UK regions with timber-rich homes/period properties
PVCu glazing beads Easier to bead when foiled, more flexible beads.
Warm to the touch product A great sales feature and a first for aluminium doors.
Saves money overall. Aluminium bifold with cheaper matching PVCu windows

As an aluminium information resource covering the entire spectrum of products, we think Alumina gives bifolding door installers a different bifold to offer their customers. Alumina is markedly different from other bifolding doors on the market.

black alumina bifolds

Reasons for homeowners to consider Alumina Doors.

If you are a homeowner in the market for new bifolding doors, you can comfortably compare Alumina with other good brands.  If you are comparing Origin, Smart Systems, Aluk and other fine brands, Alumina offers a unique proposition for your home.

Take a look at just some of the Alumina bifolding door features,

Alumina Features for Homeowners
Feature Consideration
High Specification Bifold Door Energy saving, certified secure & a trusted top UK brand
Matches Liniar PVCu windows Will match your existing windows, doors and conservatory
Great home features Exclusive folding keys with keyed-alike security cylinders
A foiled aluminium bifold All the beauty of a timber bifold at a fraction of the price
Weather-rated low threshold No more being told it’s not available for external doors
Single point of guarantee Your entire installation under one guarantee.
Attention to detail Beautiful door hardware and desirable chrome finishes.
Saves you money Matching doors and quality, cheaper PVCU windows
An exclusive door Dramatically different from other bifolds on the market
Warm to the touch product Tactile warm surface unheard of for aluminium doors
Rollers sit on the track Makes for easier cleaning of the track than hidden rollers.
Matching other doors Single doors and French doors that look just like your bifolds

If you would like further information about the Alumina bifolding door, please contact us.

This article was last updated in September 2018 to reflect even more improvements to the product since its launch.