Three new aluminium flat rooflights from Kestrel Aluminium Systems

Kestrel Aluminium Systems has added to their existing aluminium range with the launch of the new Flat Rooflight System. The new flat rooflight is designed for residential properties where a slimline, contemporary and elegant solution is required.

aluminium rooflight in new extension.
Kestrel Aluminium Systems introduce a new rooflight with three options for the home.

Rooflights very much form part of modern home extensions today, and the Kestrel Flat Rooflight is designed to provide natural daylight throughout the year. Kestrel Aluminium Systems has designed their new roof light to offer a modern, quality and durable aluminium flat rooflight with the current aesthetic homeowners desire.

Flat Rooflights from Kestrel Aluminium Systems come in three versions.

Kestrel Systems have catered to differing customer needs in their new aluminium flat rooflight with three different versions on offer. Customers can choose from Fixed, Ventilation or Egress Rooflights.

Kestrel Fixed Aluminium Rooflights.

kestrel fixed rooflight

Kestrel’s fixed rooflight provides a property with a slimline fixed rooflight solution. The flat rooflight in aluminium comes as a classic fixed or as a ‘walk-on’ product. Both options provide ample light transmission, a choice of colours and glass options.

Kestrel Ventilation Rooflights.

kestrel ventilation rooflight

For those properties where the rooflight is also required to provide ventilation, there is an option available. Kestrel’s rooflights are designed to open up to 360mm and operate with a concealed chain drive actuator for convenience.

Kestrel Egress Rooflight.

kestrel egress rooflight

For areas requiring access such as out to flat roofs, for maintenance purposes or other access requirements, an Egress version of the Kestrel aluminium rooflight is available.

Egress rooflights operate with built-in gas springs and features espagnolette locking for securing. The opening reaches up to a 70-degree angle for convenience.

Features of Kestrel Aluminium Rooflights.

Kestrel Aluminium Systems has designed the rooflight with both the fabricator, the fitter and the end user in mind.

The manufacturer benefits from a rooflight system that is easy to install. A glazing cassette from removable PVCu holds the glass making the rooflight easy to re-glaze in the future should it be required. The cassette is mechanically fixed to the frame of the rooflight meaning only the cassette needs replacement, not the entire product.

Other features found in the Kestrel Aluminium Flat Rooflight.

  • Available in bespoke sizes
  • Minimal appearance
  • Easy installation with fixing cleats.
  • Electric chain drive actuators on Ventilation Model.
  • Stepped edge units for a stronger seal and glass unit.
  • Single or dual colour options.
  • Fully watertight, secure and thermally efficient.

Kestrel’s aluminium flat rooflight provides an aesthetically pleasing, functional, durable and desirable product for residential properties. For the new home extension having contemporary sliding doors, bifolding doors and modern aluminium windows, the Kestrel aluminium rooflight provides a viable solution.

If you would like further information on the new aluminium flat rooflight from Kestrel, please contact us.

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