Kawneer windows and doors coming to a showroom near you soon

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Nick Dardalis

Anyone in the construction sector or working with commercial doors and windows will know Kawneer as one of the best systems companies in the world.

The reputation of Kawneer as a provider of sophisticated doors and windows is hard to beat. Kawneer windows, doors, curtain walling and other glazed products have some of the best engineering, design, technical specifications and performance figures.

Kawneer to move into the residential market.

mark hanson joins kawneer to help expand into the residential market.
Mark Hanson joins Kawneer to help expand into the residential market.

Kawneer has appointed Mark Hanson to help them develop the growing and lucrative residential market. Mark Hanson brings over 20 years retail experience to Kawneer, having been with Ultraframe until recently.

Kawneer is better known for their commercial systems. However Kawneer products are specified in many new build developments, so it is likely anyone living in one of these new homes is enjoying some quite sophisticated aluminium windows.

Mark Hanson joins Kawneer after a successful track record at Ultraframe developing and growing their retail presence. This experience will be used to help Kawneer expand their already advanced aluminium doors and windows into the consumer market.

Mark says:

I am excited to start a new challenge within Kawneer and look forward to working with the team to further develop their already extensive product and service suite. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected and forward-thinking company.”

Mark Clemson, Kawneer Sales and Marketing Director also says:

Mark’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge will make him a key addition to the team at Kawneer. Our new products, combined with the growth in the use of aluminium-based glazing systems in the residential sector has led us to look for an addition to our team who will fit in with our ethos of innovation and service excellence.

Kawneer products are great news for the window industry and consumers.

kawneer products are to be found in some of the finest homes and commercial buildings.
Kawneer products are to be found in some of the finest homes and commercial buildings.

As good as the mainstream systems are and as familiar as they may be, we believe these can dominate the market and don’t give consumers real choice.  AluK, Smarts, SAPA are good examples of what are excellent windows and doors, but today, these can be found virtually everywhere.  There is nothing wrong with selling popular brands but we feel access to the whole of the market benefits consumers and the window industry as well.

There is a good number of innovative, technologically advanced and quite superior aluminium systems installed in the commercial sector, such as those by Kawneer that the consumer is missing out on.  An excellent example of this is the Kawneer GT70 Slimline Renovation Window.

Giving customers access to the full product range is what a healthy market is all about.  Innovative and forward thinking companies such as Kawneer and others that develop some truly spectacular products in aluminium deserve to give consumers the benefit of their know-how, reserved up to now for the commercial market to enjoy.  Another great example is the Broomframe Balcony that Kawneer were involved in the development of. 

Kawneer will also help professional installers move away from the rebranding of existing systems into perceived ‘high end’ or unique windows and doors that are largely unchanged from the original branded windows and doors.

What can we expect from Kawneer Residential Systems?

When Kawneer launches their residential systems directly to the public (via fabricators and installers)  we are confident these will be very advanced, feature excellent design, superb aesthetics, high-tech performance and decades of expertise behind them.

We believe Kawneer will help the wider window and door industry offer a better and wider product range from a world class established brand name.  We wish Kawneer and Mark Hanson the very best and look forward to featuring these in the near future.