New slimline rooflight from Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions.

The range of lantern and roof products available from Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions are one of the most popular in the UK.

The range of glass roof products available from Atlas, differ from the mainstream in that they’re designed to be slim, strong, thermally efficient and without the coming tie bars and supporting rods found in other roof systems.

As part of their ongoing product development, Atlas have now launched The Flat Rooflight.

New Generation Flat Rooflight from Atlas.

picture of atlas rooflights in a home.
Atlas have added to their industry leading range of aluminium roofs with a new flat rooflight.

The Flat Rooflight from Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions has been designed to offer the very best in contemporary and minimalistic design. In addition it offers performance, maximum light transmission and excellent thermal performance.

Atlas say that their new Flat Rooflight is 27% slimmer in overall frame height that other flat rooflights on the market. Better still, it achieves a flush glazed look with the bare minimum in internal and external frame sightlines.

U Values are important in roof glazing and any large expanse of glass. The Flat Rooflight has a U-value of 1.3 W/m2k as a double glazed product.

An aluminium rooflight with a PVCu thermal core.

A sleek and modernist design, it is manufactured from thermally insulated aluminium. At the core of the profile and to provide the good U Values is a bespoke structural PVC-u internal core. Internal and external capping pieces provide the alumnium finish with all the advantages of durable polyester powder coating.

The rooflight from Atlas is designed to the flush fitted to internal plaster providing a frameless appearance from the inside of the room. This creates an all glass design as well as giving the illusion of being a frameless system.

Gareth Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, said:

We are really excited to launch this sensational product, which has been designed to open up the roof space and cast the maximum amount of light into a room for a dramatic effect. Aesthetic functional and price competitive, it delivers superior thermal properties and slim internal and external sightlines which are unmatched. And just like the rest of the Atlas range, it has been carefully developed to be extremely fitter-friendly so it is very easy to transform a mundane flat roof into a breathtaking light pool. It is the ultimate flat rooflight, which delivers on all fronts.

Features of the Atlas Flat Rooflight.

a choice of colours, sizes and options are available with the atlas flat rooflight.
A choice of colours, sizes and options are available with the Atlas Flat Rooflight.

The rooflight is intended for new build constructions where a weather resistant and ultra slim flat glass light is required. It’s easy to fit thanks to the option of either hidden fixing from the side or installation from the bottom with fixing straps.

Unlike other types of rooflight products that require plasterboard to butt up to the glass, Atlas designed an internal plasterboard pocket. This allowed easy plastering and simple bordering up to the rooflight.

Also as part of the roof light is an aluminium external weather bar, internal cover trims or kerb up stands.

As standard Atlas provide toughened Pilkington Active Neutral Solar glass. This is a self cleaning glass provided with an easy coating warranty and a 10 year seal. It therefore provides minimal maintenance.

Flat rooflights have to be designed to drain water away from the surface. Atlas have provided a very small pitch of only five degrees that retains the water resistance of the rooflight whilst draining any water away from the unit to the flat roof or elsewhere where drainage is available.

A choice of sizes and RAL colours.

The Atlas Flat Rooflight is available in the very popular colours used in modern home extensions. White, Grey, Black powder coated colours are available. There are also dual colour options of grey on white and black on white. Other special finishes are available to order.

The stock sizes possible are:

  • 1000x1000mm
  • 1000x1500mm
  • 1000x2000mm
  • 1200x1800mm
  • 1200x2500mm and 1400x2000mm.

The rooflight can also be manufactured in bespoke sizes if required to suit specific designs and applications.

If you’d like more information about the new Atlas rooflight, please contact us.

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