Features of frameless glass doors and bifolds.

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Nick Dardalis

Frameless bifolding doors differ in many ways when compared to conventional bifolding doors. Aside from the visual differences between the two products, there are differences in the way the doors open and how they can be used compared to a conventional type of door.

So what additional features can a frameless folding door provide?

Additional Features of Frameless Glass Doors.

a frameless bifold can offer more uses in the home as well as being available larger and taller than most other types of doors.
A frameless bifold can offer more uses in the home as well as being available larger and taller than most other types of doors.

Frameless bifolding doors are specially designed and engineered to give you the maximum glass area with the bare minimum in frame.

With a conventional bifolding door you’ll notice a much thicker frame.  Even with the slimmest of bifolding door systems such as Schuco, Smarts, AluK or Warmcore, a frameless folding door only utilises a frame where needed. This is the main outer frame for the doors and a slim frame at the top and bottom of each door leaf only. Other features of these doors include:

More Flexible Opening Options.

Just like an normal aluminium bifolding door, frameless doors can open in, out, slide to the left or right as other combinations.

Which a conventional bifolding door, all the panels are hinged together meaning they all work together.  With a frameless bifolding door you have more versatile opening options.  The first feature is that you can choose which side and door leaf to open as each folding panel works independently.  The other benefit is that you can create air gaps to bring fresh air into the room without having to fold all the doors back. This is unlike standard bifolds that have all the leaves joined together and must all slide and fold together.

Frameless folding doors take up less space when folded back.

When slid back frameless doors take up less space.  Whilst all types of folding doors will encroach on the inside or outside of the home (depending upon whether they open in our out) when stacked together the visible bulk of the folded doors is far less.  Frameless Glas Curtains as one example have folding panels of only 45 mm thick.  On a typical four pane door it only takes up 180 mm.  A conventional four pane folding door will take up over 300mm.

Frameless Folding doors have other uses.

Depending upon the individual system, folding doors can be custom made to offer other solutions in the home.

If your home has a large canopy or facade, you may be looking at options to close this off, to create a glazed area or a warmer less exposed part of the house.  Frameless glass doors whether swinging or folding have virtually no visible hardware, hinges, or frame sections vertically.  This means the original design intent of the home can remain the same with minimal impact to a facade or elevation.

For flats or houses with balconies, a frameless glass door can reduce outdoor noise. Urban properties can transform their balconies into comfortable glazed corners that can be used throughout the year.

As room dividers inside the home, a frameless door will offer less visual bulk than even the slimmest aluminium folding door.

For commercial buildings frameless glass doors can create slimline partitions, room dividers, as separators for large halls and conference areas and much more.

Frameless doors can create larger and taller doors.

Many aluminium bifolding door systems today can be made at quite large sizes with published door widths of up to 1200mm and heights of up to 3000mm with many systems. However, many of these folding doors cannot be made at the full range of maximum sizes.  For example a 3 metre door will normally need to be narrower and wider door panels may have height restrictions.

A frameless folding door can be made up to 1.5metres wide and over 3 metres in height per door panel.  This takes full advantage of the frameless nature of the doors maximising the glass area.  It is also a solution for those constructing a contemporary extension with floor to ceiling doors at larger than normal sizes.

Frameless doors, particularly bi fold doors, can add a real “wow” factor to any home.  However the information available can be confusing as not every door that is advertised as being “frameless” is truly frameless.  You are welcome to contact us for more information if you are interested in these fantastic doors.