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The Origin aluminium window is one of the newest products to hit the home improvement market. It offers a host of innovative features such as the Aerogel Technology, colour matched handles, a flush casement arrangement and available on ultra fast lead times.

Whilst the Origin Twin Flush Window is certainly marketed at the new build domestic market, there is no reason why this window cannot also be used commercially as well. So if you’re a window installer that carries out commercial work, should you consider the Origin Twin Flush Windows?

Are aluminium windows any different for commercial buildings?

origin windows have been successfully installed in this commercial building used by a local scout group.
Origin windows have been successfully installed in this commercial building used by a local Scout Group.

For commercial buildings (anything that is not a dwelling), aluminium windows are largely much easier to specify. There are other more popular types of ‘commercial’ opening windows such as tilt and turn, top swing reversible, parallel opening and pivot windows. These come in many different frame depths, sash and bead options.

Casement windows for commercial buildings are basically the same as for houses. Options can include heavy duty vent sections as well as a choice of outer frames. It is also worth mentioning that whilst a contract for a block of apartments can be deemed commercial, ultimately the end product remains a private dwelling upon completion.

Origin Aluminium Windows for commercial buildings.

Origin were recently involved in the construction of a brand new building for the 17th Reigate Scout Group. This type of project whilst a low use building is very much commercial. Origin windows and French doors were installed.

The project came about after a huge fund raising effort on behalf of the Scout Group and thanks to the generosity of local businesses as well, including Origin themselves.

The specific Origin aluminium windows featured their direct fix outer frame, high security multi point Yale Encloser locks and their robust quality window handles.

These were also provided in the desired polyester powder coated colour.

The benefits of the Origin Aluminium Window commercially.

Commercial contracts have a huge amount of choice in aluminium windows so are there advantages to offering the Origin aluminium window as a viable option?

Having examined the window in detail we can see no reason why the Origin Window cannot be used commercially. For applications where a quality outward opening casement window is required, the frame depth is certainly adequate. Additionally, the ultra slim sight lines make it ideal for new build applications with optional frame extensions available for replacement window application where a deeper frame may be required.

New build projects make the specification of new aluminium windows easier in that there are not existing plaster lines to consider.

Origin windows can overcome long window lead times elsewhere.

For contracts on a tight lead time it is also worth giving the Origin window consideration. Origin market their lead times on fabricated windows in their standard range of colours at a one week lead time.

This standard range of RAL colours is 7015 Matt Slate Grey, 7016 Matt Anthracite Grey, 7021 Matt Black Grey, 9005 Matt Jet Black, 9006 Metallic Light Silver, 9007 Metallic Dark Silver and of course RAL 9910 Gloss white which remains every popular commercially.

It’s important to highlight that unlike other trade fabricators, Origin have never extended their lead times whatever their order book. This would certainly be advantageous during the summer months and school holiday periods. Historically this is always the time of year that other trade fabricators typically extend their lead times up to 8 weeks or more because of the sheer volume of work from installers carrying out refurbishments and construction in schools.

As most school work has to be carried out when the schools are shut for the holidays the availability of aluminium windows at fast turnaround times would certainly benefit many commercial installers. Furthermore even if non standard colours are required, the Origin lead times are typically only three weeks.

What are the constraints of the Origin Aluminium Window?

Commercial contracting will often call for special size cills, aluminium pressings, trims and other bespoke fabrications. It is often the case that commercial windows will also need installing into Kingspan cladding, inset into curtain walling or to integrate with doors.

Each system has to be considered on it’s own merits and where relevant in accordance with architect specifications. The Origin window meets the requirements for quality, finishing, security, quality of aluminium extrusions and other required standards.

Depending on the installation requirement you many not find the range of frame extensions, adaptors for glazing within other systems, cladding profiles and other accessories.  This should not necessarily pose an issue.  Deepening upon the installation there are many fabricators of bespoke cills, pressings and architectural fabrications.  This means you can have any special extrusions made to suit the windows. They will also suit the many commercial available cill sections from specialist suppliers as well.

However for buildings requiring new windows in standard openings, for large floor to ceiling windows and for casement windows with oversize vents, the Origin window should be perfectly suitable.  Aesthetically it offers something different from a standard casement window with overlapping vent.  As with any sales process the installer or the systems company can do the work required to sell the advantages of the Origin window for a particular commercial project.

Are you an Origin Installer using Origin windows commercially?

If you’re an existing Origin installer and have fitted these windows commercially please contact us or leave a comment with your experiences of the window and it’s suitability for the project you carried out.  If you’re currently considering offering aluminium windows and would like further information on this or any other aluminium system, please contact us.