The Aluprof bifolding door reviewed

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Nick Dardalis

Aluprof folding doors are little known in the residential market. The Systems company Aluprof, markets it’s product through its network of fabricators that largely carry out commercial contracts. Therefore it’s unlikely to be found in most double glazing showrooms.

However if you are buying a new build property constructed as part of a larger development of flats or houses, you may have the Aluprof bifolding door fitted in your new home by the developer.

Aluprof targets fabricators and architects not consumers.

the aluprof folding door has a strong european design but the company provides little information to appeal to homeowners.
The Aluprof folding door has a strong European design but the company provides little information to appeal to homeowners.

In our view, the website and literature by Aluprof for their folding door system does not give it much of a retail slant.

It is written in a very technical format with a strong slant towards the fabricator. No information is given about hardware, styling or other information that a homeowner would want in order to consider the product alongside others.

In addition the Aluprof website is largely translated from Polish and the incorrect use of English and spelling mistakes describing the product can make for difficult reading.

Nevertheless what we can tell you is that the Aluprof folding sliding door is a polyamide thermal break system with a very strong European slant in its design.

The door in line with others offers a 3 chamber polyamide thermal break, opening in or opening out options and offers a range of thermal properties and even acoustic insulation if required.

Technical Details on the Aluprof bifolding door.

The product is available with a range of frame and sash dimensions. This makes is compatible with the wider range of Aluprof window or door systems and we understand the system integrates with them.

You can choose from a 50mm, 60mm or a 70mm outer frame depth. However it is understood not all frame options are available in both inward and outward opening folding doors.

The Aluprof technical data sheet also states that door leaf sizes of 1600mm wide up to 2400mm high are possible. If this is correct that a folding door panel can be made up to 1600mm wide, this is quite a technical feat. In addition the intrusion into the inside or outside space when the doors are folded would be quite substantial.

However other literature on the product states different figures. We have found technical literature that states recommended size limits for door leaves or 480mm minimum up to 930mm maximum widths and 2430mm maximum heights.

In addition you’ll find the door described as having a silent, smooth operation, three different bead options available and varying threshold options. Again little information is provided on these.

The Aluprof folding door is marketed as being very easy to fabricated. It features eurogrooves to accommodate multi point locking systems.

The quality and well known Roto range of fittings is provided. Where there appears to be a difference to other folding door systems is that the Aluprof bifolding door can be made either top hung or bottom hung.

The door will accept glazing thicknesses of up to 60mm making it suitable for either double or triple glazing.

As you would expect from a powder coated product the full range of RAL colour is possible, including metallic finishes and dual colours. Aluprof also offer the Decoral range of wood structure finishes giving a wood effect door in aluminium like those on offer by Origin Doors and Smart Systems.

The Aluprof door brings a heavy European design to the UK consumer and commercial market. It is not the slimmest door on the system where the folding panels meet in the closed position. The overall dimension is 166mm to the glass line, making this quite a thick looking door.

Disappointingly there is little information on the range of handle options possible to enable us to carry out a review of these.

Aluprof needs to improve how it markets it’s products generally.

The lack of information and the way current technical and other literature is marketed really needs improvement.  There is very little information about the product to be able to look at it in detail in the same way we do with other.  However, if you can gain access to an Aluprof installer it is worth seeing the product and deciding whether it would work in your own market.  We say this because Aluprof overall do have a very advanced range of aluminium doors and windows across their entire range. We recommend you give them a closer look.

Image Courtesy of MDM Stolarka