New Aluminium Pivot Door from Reynaers

Reynaers Systems have introduced a stunning pivot door to their portfolio of aluminium sliding, folding and entrance doors.

It is fair to say that when it comes to new front doors for the home, the UK market lags significantly behind its European neighbours.

pivot door from reynaers
The Reynaers pivot door is an excellent contemporary alternative where large glass doors may be required.

The market in the UK appears dominated by composite doors. Whilst there is nothing wrong with composite doors, even the contemporary designs available from Solidor, Rocal or Endurance don’t quite function in a high tech way to mimic their appearance. Essentially they remain standard hinged doors.

So if you’re looking to create a truly dramatic entrance, the pivot door from Reynaers is a real find. These are a great departure from any swing or sliding entrance door.

The Reynaers door looks a stunning modern alternative to composite doors, aluminium entrance doors and contemporary pivot doors. So why should you consider one?

Pivot doors move away from traditional doors in many ways.

Most PVCu, aluminium and composite doors are designed to hang from their hinges. In every case this means the door leaf and the door frame must be strong enough to support the weight of the door. It is the door frame that supports the weight of the door.

It is for this precise reason that most hinged doors come with size limitations. A too heavy door will put excess strain on the hardware, will be prone to dropping and compromise on stability.

This is why you’ll often see doors with toplights or sidelights. Even if the homeowner wants a door to fill their entire aperture, its not possible because of the limitations of the door system itself.

With a pivot door the weight of the door is supported by pivots at the top and bottom of the door. Most of the weight is taken at the floor. The result is that pivot doors are great for large and heavy doors. The doors operate easily without any stress on the frame or the hinges as well. So the main advantage for pivot doors is that they can be made far larger and taller than swing doors.

The other advantage of a pivot door compared to a typical hinged door is that far less hardware, structural and strength considerations are required.

In many cases pivot doors don’t actually need a frame or the frame can be completely hidden in the floor, head and sides.

Reynaers Pivot Doors

The Reynaers Pivot Door are predominantly intended as internal doors rather than external doors. However if you desire such a door on the outside of your property, timber, steel, frameless and other metal options are available from other companies. Each will offer different levels of weathering, security and performance.

The Pivot door by Reynaers offers thermally insulated frames, advanced wither proofing. The nature of this door is such that there is no rebate and relies on draught strips and gaskets. But as with any type of door you would consider how exposed it is and how likely it is to be affected by driving wind and rain, just like any other type of large door.

So for an internal door or a covered entrance door, lobby door or door separating any inside space, the Reynaers door is well worth exploring further.

Disadvantages of pivot doors.

A pivot door is not the ideal door for the typical cottage, semi detached house or other archetypal British home. However as a rear door to the garden or as an access door elsewhere in the home, they are worthy of consideration.

Bearing in mind that many homes today feature ultra modern extensions at the back of the house, with large windows, lantern roofs and an overall contemporary design, there’s no reason why a pivot door cannot be used in these extensions.

Another possible disadvantage is for double door apertures you won’t gain the full opening if, for example you wish to move large objects through the door.

You may think pivot doors are expensive. They’re actually very affordable as on a metal for metal basis they’d contain less aluminium than a patio door and far less than a bifolding door. Also, the hardware is relatively simple. A floor spring, floor closer or floor pivot are not expensive pieces of hardware.

Another consideration to some may be whether the closing or leading edge causes a finger trap situation. Our view is that care should be exercised on every type of door. There is not reasons to be any more careful opening and closing this type of door than any other.

Pivot doors are hugely popular in contemporary European homes and are a real pleasure to use. They provide far more light than any type of swing door and of course can be made wider, taller and substantially larger as well.

If you’d like more information about pivoting doors and the Reynaers products, please contact us.